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Creating the Most Efficient Transportation Network in North America

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At J.B. Hunt, our mission is to create the most efficient transportation network in North America. We take ownership of this mission because we know it will drive us to continuously get better at serving and creating value for our customers. The challenges and variabilities of a deeply fragmented and disconnected supply chain are significant. We’re addressing those challenges by focusing on innovative solutions to build more efficient, connected and sustainable supply chains. 

Keep reading to find out how our culture, mission and our investments in our people, technology and capacity are creating breakthroughs in value creation.

Our Roots

Creating the most efficient transportation network in North America requires reimagining the supply chain. Thinking big is part of J.B. Hunt’s company culture, instilled by our founder, Johnnie Bryan Hunt. Every morning, Mr. Hunt would take a stroll through the J.B. Hunt office asking everyone, “Is it going to be a big day?” and “Is it big yet?”  

We think big to better serve our customers. At J.B. Hunt, we are not satisfied with the status quo if there are better solutions available. We are not afraid to disrupt the industry or disrupt our own systems if it’s in the interest of our customers. We’ve invested millions in developing new technologies like our innovative J.B. Hunt 360°® platform and increased our capacity to enable our customers to operate the most efficient supply chains.

“With nearly 30% of the entire market, almost one million trucks on J.B. Hunt 360, we can create a more efficient network,” said Shelley Simpson, J.B. Hunt president. “We can create an efficient network by reducing empty miles and reducing waste in the system. Over the last two years, we have eliminated six million miles through J.B. Hunt 360.”

Our mission statement is our commitment to our customers that J.B. Hunt will always strive to find the most efficient shipment solutions for them. 

Why is Efficiency Important?

Efficiency drives value for our customers. J.B. Hunt utilizes a mode-neutral transportation model that allows us to provide access and visibility to any type of capacity on demand and at scale. This approach enables the operational agility necessary to consistently meet our customers’ unique and ever-changing needs.

For drivers and carriers, efficiency means more time on the road and less time searching. With the J.B. Hunt 360 platform, they can find loads close by, check reloads, make customized searches and receive recommendations to find the loads they want to haul. 

Efficiency also helps with supply chain sustainability. Less fuel used means less carbon emissions. Through route optimization and J.B. Hunt 360 technology, we eliminate millions of empty miles a year. Our intermodal service is the best way for J.B. Hunt to help our customers build greener supply chains. By converting over-the-road shipments to our intermodal service, they can reduce carbon emissions by 60 percent. 

“Let me say one thing on being more sustainable and more environmentally conscious: We have a duty, an obligation, to push ourselves towards a more efficient transportation system,” said John Roberts, J.B. Hunt chief executive officer. “In our case, we're creating the most efficient transportation network in North America.”

How Are We Eliminating Inefficiencies?

The largest barriers to efficiency in the supply chain are fragmentation and a lack of connectivity. Our people, technology and capacity come together to help us break through those barriers. Our people build relationships with our customers to tailor customized supply chain management solutions to meet their needs. Our mode-neutral mindset provides the physical capacity to move freight. Our technology connects the two. 

“Our vision is to create the most efficient transportation network and to do that, you need to have information, and you need data, and you need visibility,” said Stuart Scott, executive vice president and chief information officer at J.B. Hunt.

The industry-disrupting J.B. Hunt 360 platform provides all of that. J.B. Hunt 360 changes the way supply meets demand by moving the marketplace online, directly connecting shippers with capacity. The platform uses data to connect shipments with the right capacity, at the right time, streamlining and automating workflows.

J.B. Hunt 360 provides visibility and transparency to quoting, booking and communications processes by showing customers the true cost of doing business, offering insights and automating notifications. In a click of a button, shippers can get a list of full truckload, LTL and intermodal shipping options at market-relevant prices, choose the solution that helps them balance costs, capacity and service, and provide visibility to all parties on their supply chain.

Industry Collaboration

To help address inefficiencies in the greater supply chain, J.B. Hunt helped form the Scheduling Standards Consortium with Convoy and Uber Freight. The SSC is working to establish freight appointment scheduling standards that will enable multi-platform data sharing, ultimately providing expanded visibility into the supply chain. This endeavor aims to simplify the integration of systems across the fragmented ecosystem between shippers, carriers and intermediaries in an effort to generate efficiency across the industry. Since it was founded in 2022, many other companies have joined the SSC in its efforts to standardize freight appointment scheduling.

Creating Value

At J.B. Hunt, we appreciate every customer and we strive to earn their trust every day. Their trust enables us to continue investing in our People, Technology and Capacity to create the most efficient transportation network in North America.

Connect with us today and let us help you build a more efficient supply chain for your business!