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Behind the Scroll: J.B. Hunt Company Identity

jbh employees holding the company logo

At J.B. Hunt, we invest time and effort to position ourselves as the best logistics company possible. And we’ve truly considered what we want to be known for behind the iconic J.B. Hunt scroll donned by thousands of trucks, trailers and containers across the country.

After careful examination, we distinguished a clear set of ideals originally established by Mr. and Mrs. Hunt. We’ve upheld these ideals since our founding and believe that they characterize our identity as an organization. Our company identity is comprised of our:

  • Vision
  • Foundations
  • Mission
  • Values
Discover Logistics Services That Drive Value.

Our Vision: 


We’ve elevated our mission statement to become our vision, because it looks to the future and defines our aspirations. It encourages us to continuously improve in our ability to serve and create value for our customers. The teams at J.B. Hunt are fully committed to our vision – they show up each day ready to tackle supply chain challenges through innovation to develop efficient and sustainable logistics solutions that set the tone for the industry.


Our Foundations:


Our company foundations represent what we invest in to achieve our vision and fulfill our mission. We put people at the top because our people are the foundation that connects our capacity and technology to our customers. Together, our foundations drive everything that we do – fueling our growth and propelling us into the future.


Our Mission: 

The new J.B. Hunt mission statement focuses on the present and defines our purpose – it clearly shows who we serve. Our core mission is focused on driving long-term value and making sure our employees see value in their career – because we believe that if we take great care of them, that they’ll take great care of our customers, and ultimately, take great care of our shareholders.


Our Values: 

Our company values were instilled by Mr. and Mrs. Hunt over 60 years ago. J.B. Hunt’s values represent the behaviors that define who we are and highlight how each person in our organization can rise to the responsibility that they have as an individual to uphold the promise located in our scroll – whether they’re in maintenance, working at a desk, in a warehouse, or a driver on the road.

A Strong Company Identity 

The teams at J.B. Hunt are constantly striving to provide the best logistics support to our customers, and our company identity behind the scroll backs that by creating the strong base that we build our solutions on. Start working with a legacy logistics provider that has the vision, foundations, mission and values needed to create forward-thinking solutions and keep your supply chain running smoothly – fill out our form to get connected!