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Keep Moving with Power Only


Don’t let long wait times slow you down. Spend more time on the road with power-only loads from our J.B. Hunt 360box® solution.

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J.B. Hunt 360box Benefits


Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any special truck requirements for using 360box?

No, provided that you have a standard tractor hitch system. One of the benefits of 360box is the plug-and-play nature of the system – you just pick up the trailer and go.

Can I use a 360box trailer on another load?

Yes! As long as the load is within J.B. Hunt’s power-only network, we want you to keep running. Just check out the Carrier 360 load board, filter by ‘Power-Only’ and book a load to save time and keep driving.

How do I know if I need an empty trailer?

Your J.B. Hunt 360box representative will let you know prior to the load pickup time. This typically happens within 12 hours of the expected pickup time.

What does J.B. Hunt do if the trailer isn’t there?

If a carrier cannot locate the trailer at the assigned location, we will locate another trailer and send them to a different location.

How can I tell if I can pick up or deliver early?

You can deliver anytime within the designated window on your rate confirmation. Ask your J.B. Hunt 360box representative if you have any questions.

How can I sort by 360box loads on the Carrier 360 app?

Search your origin and destination and then filter by ‘Power-Only.’ Don't forget to favorite the lane and equipment type search to easily find similar loads again.