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Carrier Solutions for Every Business

Whether you are a large organization or a small family operation, J.B. Hunt has the carrier solutions you need to grow your business.


Find Freight Fast


J.B. Hunt Carrier 360 Technology

From finding loads to making check calls to getting paid—Carrier 360 helps you streamline your workday and maximize productivity and efficiency.

  • Search loads and book instantly
  • Qualify for free quick pay
  • Save with Carrier 360 Perks
  • Streamline administrative tasks 
  • View facility ratings
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Payment Services for Freight Carriers


J.B. Hunt offers multiple ways to get paid the way you want. Log in to Carrier 360 to upload documents, create invoices and track payment status.


Quick Pay

Qualifying carriers are eligible to receive free J.B. Hunt Quick Pay. Take advantage of this offer, exclusively available to carriers that contract with J.B. Hunt. (Restrictions apply.) Find more information on how to qualify here. Need assistance? Contact us at 1-877-977-7427

Standard Pay

Payment within 21 business days with no fee, direct to your bank account or by mail. Call 877-977-7427 for assistance. 

Cash Advances

Cover up-front expenses before you move the load. Call 833-211-4392 for assistance.


Need assistance?

Get in touch with the Carrier Relations team to learn more about opportunities for your business!