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Delivering Value for our People, Customers and Shareholders

j.b. hunt truck on remote highway

Our mission is straightforward: driving long-term value for our people, customers and shareholders.  

This mission helps us focus on what’s important to the company and defines our purpose. Through our investments in our people, technology and capacity we are redefining transportation and logistics for our customers, building a workplace where our people can grow their careers and delivering compounding returns for our shareholders.  

Keep reading to see all the ways J.B. Hunt is working to fulfill our mission statement.

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Our People 

At J.B. Hunt, our people come first. Our people-first commitment was originally instilled into our company culture by our founders, Johnnie Bryan and Johnelle Hunt. From the beginning, our founders knew that investing in our people was vital to our company’s success.  

We strive to build a J.B. Hunt where our people feel supported and valued. To do this we know that it’s not enough to just invest in our people while they are at work, but we also need to support our people in their personal lives, too. We try to achieve this through our holistic employee benefits, retirement savings plans, scholarship programs and more. 

Professionally, J.B. Hunt provides training programs, such as our Technician Career Advancement Program, to equip our people with the tools they need to advance their careers. We also invest in the latest safety technologies and protocols to keep our people safe while on the road and off. We make sure to recognize and celebrate our people for their achievements.  

By investing in our people and making sure they are taken care of, we empower them to take great care of our customers. Through our proprietary Customer Value Delivery® (CVD) methodology and with more than 60 years of industry experience behind them, our people create custom supply chain solutions for our customers that fit their unique business needs and create long-term value. Our people are what make up the iconic J.B. Hunt scroll. Our customers trust our brand because they trust our people. 

See how CVD can create long-term value for your business. 

Our Customers  

At J.B. Hunt, we have the infrastructure and capacity to meet your business where it is today and work with you to build a supply chain that helps your business grow in the future. Through our mode-neutral model, we have the flexibility to provide capacity at scale on demand. Whether you’re managing a small business, global supply chain or anything in between, you can find the right shipping services for your needs at J.B. Hunt.  

Not only do we have the capacity to deliver, but we make doing business easier. Our flexible services provide even more opportunities for J.B. Hunt teams to build end-to-end logistics solutions. We take the time to learn your business to provide supply chain management and seamless shipping. 

Our industry-leading logistics technology helps you maximize and streamline your supply chain operations right from your computer or smartphone. With the J.B. Hunt 360°® platform, you can: 

  • Access our digital freight matching marketplace 
  • Book shipments in three minutes or less  
  • Track and gain visibility into shipments via dynamic updates and custom alerts 
  • Find opportunities for better cost management  
  • Use our API and EDI integrations to harness the power of Shipper 360® technology from the business platform you already use 
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Our Shareholders

It is the ongoing investments made by our shareholders that let us build J.B. Hunt for the long term. We strive to uphold our corporate responsibility to be good stewards of their investments and deliver compounding returns for them. We believe to do that we must first take care of our people – which is why our mission statement starts with them. We believe that if we take great care of our people, they’ll take great care of our customers, and ultimately, take great care of our shareholders. 

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