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Carrier 360 Help Center

Carrier Training

Welcome to the J.B. Hunt Carrier 360 Help Center. Carrier 360 provides an easy way to accept tenders, submit check calls and create and track invoices. Review the training materials below to get started in the app.

Reference Materials
Title PDFS
Carrier 360 Registering Passkey & Login
Accepting and Rejecting Tenders
Driver Assignment Single Load
Driver Assignment Multiple Loads
Completing Check Calls
Managing Users
Invoicing Tasks
Understanding Payments
Scorecard Information
Tours on the Load Board
Mobile Reference Materials
Title PDFS
Carrier 360 Mobile - Digital Documentation


Carrier 360 Mobile - Driver Overview
Carrier 360 Mobile - Manager Overview
Small Arrows Left
Small Arrows Right
Large Arrows Left
Large Arrows Right
Map Dark Background Left
Map Dark Background Right
Map Light Background Left
Map Light Background Left


Book Now, Placing Offers

Assigning Drivers to Loads


Completing Check Calls

Invoicing Tasks


Service Monitoring


Connect Carrier 360 with your ELD provider

If you’re having trouble connecting Carrier 360 with your ELD provider, check out the troubleshooting guides below. 

Watch more videos about Carrier 360 on our YouTube channel

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