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J.B. Hunt Enterprise Logo

While the logo has been duplicated (and sometimes re-created) by a variety of vendors across a myriad of applications, we are making a greater effort to standardize the logo’s presentation. This will ensure it will appear consistently across all mediums, whether it’s on our business collateral, signage, equipment or apparel.

The logo is made of three primary components:

  • Logotype
  • Scroll
  • Box
Note on All Logos:

It is important to include the registered trademark symbol (®) outside the box at the bottom right. Placing the symbol within the box would alter the design and forfeit the registration protection. The ® may be reduced in size if the logo is being used at a large size. There are also allowances for its removal in certain stand-alone logo signage and branded apparel and promotional products. These edits must be approved by Corporate Marketing on a case-by-case basis.

Logo History

The scroll concept originated from an old tax form Mr. Hunt ran across during the early days of the company. Influenced by its simplistic design and meaningful historical context, he sketched a customized version of the design. The scroll was soon featured on invoices and eventually expanded to all company assets, including trucks and the J.B. Hunt logo itself. The J.B. Hunt logo has borne the name of our founder since the creation of this company and remains a steadfast part of our culture. Our logo underscores the values our founder instilled in his company, and though we have grown, we use it as our signature in every service we provide and relationship we create. 

Choosing a Logo

If you’re only referencing one segment or service, use the corresponding logo—see the Business Units page for more information. Otherwise, use an approved J.B. Hunt enterprise logo when referencing J.B. Hunt as a whole. Only one logo should be present on any internal or external marketing materials.

Name Use

First Reference: J.B. Hunt is acceptable in all first references except press releases, when J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. is referenced first. 

Second Reference: J.B. Hunt is acceptable in all second references.

J.B. Hunt Enterprise Logo: Correct Usage

Minimum Area of Isolation

The J.B. Hunt logo must have an area of isolation that is approximately equal to the height of the capital H in “HUNT.” This area emphasizes the use of white space to keep the logo from being crowded or lost in any setup or layout.

Minimum Size Requirements

The J.B. Hunt logo should not be reduced to smaller than 1” in length unless given explicit approval from the Corporate Marketing Department.

Color Use

In most cases, our logo can be produced in full color, whether in four-color process, full-color digital or using the two Pantone colors. In instances where these colors are not available, using single-color black or white may be acceptable, though approval is required. Request approval and appropriate files here.

Click the link below the logos to download a .png file. For high-res/print-ready files, please submit your request here.

NOTE: All use of our logos by any outside company or contact requires docket approval. You can begin that process by contacting Corporate Marketing here.
Contrast with Backgrounds

Attention to contrast of the logo when set over another color is critical for its legibility and presentation. If the full-color logo is used against a black/dark background, the white outlined version of the color logo should be used.

Enterprise Logo - Dark Backgrounds - DOWNLOAD

Enterprise Logo Colors

Pantone 108
CMYK: 0 5 98 0
RGB: 254 219 0

100% Black (Print Use)
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
RGB: 0 0 0
HEX: #000000


J.B. Hunt Enterprise Logo: Incorrect Usage

The J.B. Hunt logo is essentially the company’s signature. Each time the logo appears incorrectly, it diminishes our recognizability, professionalism and integrity. Below are some of the more common incorrect uses.

Do not substitute logo colors

Do not re-typeset

Do not flip or manipulate the scroll

Do not separate logo components

Use only white or black for single-color logos

Do not stretch or skew the logo

Do not use old versions of the logo