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The Purpose and Impact

Our brand identity and its standards are used to present a consistent, unified image to our public audiences. Simply put: how we present our organization is important because it directly impacts every other communication from our organization. Throughout this site, we will define our visual architecture and brand voice, as well as the basics of everyday brand usage in the following areas:

  • Maintaining consistency in our visuals and voice
  • Strengthening brand recognition and association 
  • Creating unity of marketing purpose 
  • Building brand strength, cohesion and loyalty 
  • Guiding brand management and control 
  • Understanding our place in the market 
  • Improving overall brand position in the industry 
  • Ensuring clarity of message and visual communication 
  • Streamlining creative application processes 
  • Fostering opportunities for company growth 
  • Championing better relationships with customers

The Brand

Our brand represents a long, rich history of industry innovation through hard work. It’s a legacy we look to as we build our future. Our experience and thought leadership enable us to better anticipate the needs of our customers so we can continue delivering the best solutions our industry has to offer. What is key to our brand’s success?

SAFETY | Eliminating concerns of compliance with a culture of safety.
INNOVATION | Forward thinking with a history of success. 
TECHNOLOGY | Greater automation, improving visibility and control.
SUSTAINABILITY | Doing our part for a stable environment and financially sound future. 
VALUE | Continually improving our service through the Customer Value Delivery (CVD) process. 
PEOPLE | Delivering new levels of value at every opportunity. 

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