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Legal and HR Definitions

Driver – A person who operates a commercial motor vehicle in exchange for compensation; may be a J.B. Hunt employee (sometimes called a “Company Driver”) or an independent contractor, such as an Owner Operator or Lease-Purchase Operator.
*Related Terms: Company Driver, J.B. Hunt Driver, Owner Operator, Lease-Purchase Operator, Independent Contractor

Independent Contractor (IC) – As used by J.B. Hunt, a non-employee individual or entity that provides driving or delivery services to J.B. Hunt on a contractual, as-needed basis, using its own (purchased or leased) equipment and operating under J.B. Hunt’s motor carrier authority.
*Related Terms: Owner Operator, Lease-Purchase Operator

Contract Carrier – A third-party motor carrier that provides transportation services to J.B. Hunt on a contractual basis, operating under its own motor carrier authority. A Contract Carrier may use its own equipment to provide services.
*Related Terms: Carrier

Carrier, or Motor Carrier – A for-hire entity that provides motor vehicle transportation for compensation.
*Related Term: Contract Carrier

Owner Operator – As used by J.B. Hunt, an Independent Contractor that provides services using its own equipment.
*Related Term: Independent Contractor

J.B. Hunt Driver, or Company Driver – A Driver who is an employee of J.B. Hunt and uses J.B. Hunt-owned equipment to perform services. This term should never be used to refer to an Independent Contractor, Owner Operator, or Lease-Purchase Operator.

Lease-Purchase Operator (LP) – An Independent Contractor that leases a truck from a third party with the intent to purchase the truck through recurring payments.