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Get to Know Our Employee Resource Group - PLUS(+)

Members of the PLUS(+) Employee Resource Group pose for a picture

At J.B. Hunt we are committed to ensuring an inclusive and safe environment for our 32,000+ employees. Our mission is to spark a new level of innovative thinking that will enable us to serve our employees and customers. We work to enhance inclusion within our culture by leveraging each employee’s unique perspective and experiences. Through this we aim to be the best in class as an inclusive and innovative leader of our industry, where everyone is and feels welcome, valued, respected, included and heard.

Employee resource groups (ERGs) play a big role in our inclusion strategy. Our ERGs are open to all employees and are designed to offer our people opportunities to grow their professional network, give back to the community and enhance their work experience.

What is the PLUS(+) Employee Resource Group

PLUS(+) provides a safe and empowering space for individuals who identify as members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Through sharing knowledge, inspiring authenticity and creating community, PLUS(+) aims to add to the conversation around inclusion and continue building an understanding, accepting, progressive and LGBTQIA+ friendly workplace.

“It's so wonderful to be a part of PLUS(+) in general, just because everyone's so loving, and wonderful, and sweet, and just open-minded and caring,” said Qamar, data privacy engineer and PLUS(+) member. “For me, the value that PLUS(+) brings is awareness of the things that are happening in our communities, the awareness of the discrimination, and how people are dealing with it.”

“The compassion that I feel from our community, the sense of comradery and a true representation of family values is something I think is very important,” said Amanda, quality control verification specialist and PLUS(+) member. “It's very nurturing and healthy to have that.”

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