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Experience the Dedicated Advantage

When we focus on your fleet, you can focus on your business. With guaranteed, yet flexible capacity, our dedicated model offers all the benefits of your private fleet—and more. 


More Than a Private Fleet


Flexible Capacity

Get guaranteed capacity to flex with your business from the largest dedicated fleet provider in North America.

Driver Hiring and Training

Stop spending time and resources on hiring drivers when we have an entire team devoted to driver hiring and training.

A Custom-built Fleet with Your Branding

Get the fleet you need when J.B. Hunt builds it. We can source specialized equipment and put your company branding on it.


Lower Capital Investment

Stop purchasing assets or paying to lease them. Our asset-based fleet model means you can spend more resources on your core business.

Optimized Fleet, Schedules and Routes

Get a fleet that’s optimized by our expert engineers to increase your efficiency and give you access to the latest technology.

Risk Management

Stop taking on so much risk outside your core business. J.B. Hunt can manage the risk for you with an outsourced fleet.


Customer retention rate

We provide a high level of service that makes our customers stick with us year after year.


Tractors, trailers and other assets

We source all the assets to custom build the fleet you need.



J.B. Hunt drivers receive specialized training to help them meet the needs of your company and industry.


Watch a Customer Story

For Simmons Foods, outsourcing their fleet freed them to focus on their core business, which ultimately helped them build a competitive advantage.

For us, working with a large dedicated provider like J.B. Hunt has proven to be a major advantage. Even in unpredictable circumstances like COVID-19, they were able to quickly pivot their operations, anticipate our changing needs, and adapt their service.

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Experience the dedicated advantage