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Creating Value through Private Fleet Conversion

Our private fleet conversion and logistics management services deliver optimized supply chain solutions for Dedicated Contract Services® customer The Bostwick-Braun Company.


Identifying Pain Points

Bostwick-Braun has been a wholesale distributor of hardware and industrial supplies for over 160 years. When the driver shortage began negatively affecting the company’s ability to make timely deliveries to their customers, they knew it was time to make a change.

“J.B. Hunt takes the time up front to really get to know our business, our pain points and then customize a tailored solution to meet those.”
Mark Christie
Chief Executive Officer, The Bostwick-Braun Company

Building Solutions

The dedicated transportation solutions that the teams at J.B. Hunt create go beyond our customers’ base needs. We provide Bostwick-Braun with logistics solutions that create value for their business through increased efficiency.

These solutions include:
• Route planning and optimization
• Professional driver pool access
• Increased flexibility to meet customer demands


Less Empty Miles

J.B. Hunt technology provides new opportunities to optimize routing and aids in eliminating empty miles.


Delivery Schedule

We updated their four day a week delivery cycle to five to improve the number of stops per mile and driver efficiency.


Saving on Cost per Mile

Our optimization efforts help with more than efficiency – they can also result in cost savings per mile traveled.


Transforming Transportation

Stop struggling to find reliable carriers for your business. Our Dedicated Contract Services teams want to build a collaborative relationship with you to provide dedicated transportation services that effectively integrate your operations with our supply chain solutions.

Interested in converting your private fleet or outsourcing?