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Deliver More With a Dedicated Fleet 

Our dedicated fleets offer a service alternative to common carriage and brokerage, guaranteeing capacity at pre-determined contract rates and giving you more control over your shipments. 


The Dedicated Advantage 


Better Customer Service

Gain more control in scheduling and timing your shipments so you can offer better service and visiblity to your customers.

Expertise in Your Industry

Get a provider who has experience in your industry. We serve companies in all industries from agriculture and foodservice to retail and manufacturing.

Brand Representation

Increase your company's visiblity with branded equipment and drivers who wear your company logo.


Custom Transportation Solutions

Get a fleet custom built to your needs by expert engineers who design your operations for optimum efficiency.


Gain the stability you need from the largest dedicated provider in North America who's been in business for 60 years.

Dedicated Fleet Capacity

A dedicated fleet not only delivers the capacity you need, it takes the guesswork out of pricing and controls your costs.


Customer retention rate

We provide a high level of service that makes our customers stick with us year after year.


Tractors, trailers and other assets

We source all the assets to custom build the fleet you need.



J.B. Hunt drivers receive specialized training to help them meet the needs of your company and industry.


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Let us build a dedicated fleet for you.