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Get More from Your Dedicated Fleet 

Are you getting the most out of your fleet? As the largest dedicated provider in North America, we offer flexibility, value and service you can’t find anywhere else.


Our Dedicated Difference


See why 98% of customers like you stay with us year after year.


Asset-based Fleet Model

Get the equipment you need without leasing it and avoid hidden costs.

On-site Managers

Improve your fleet's efficiency with on-site managers who handle day-to-day operations and report on success metrics determined together with you.

Flexible Capacity

Gain flexibility for your fleet that scales with you through surges and drops in volume.


Safety Culture

Get a dedicated provider with a proven track record of prioritizing safety and a company-wide commitment to safe practices.

Customer Focus

Get a fleet provider that stays one step ahead of you. Our proprietary method for managing customer relations helps us continually offer greater value.

Expertise in Your Industry

Get a provider who has experience in your industry. We serve companies in all industries from agriculture and foodservice to retail and manufacturing.


Customer retention rate

We provide a high level of service that makes our customers stick with us year after year.


Tractors, trailers and other assets

We source all the assets to custom build the fleet you need.



J.B. Hunt drivers receive specialized training to help them meet the needs of your company and industry.


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Experience the J.B. Hunt Dedicated difference