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Track Shipment
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Track Shipment
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Leave your fleet operations to us 

Our dedicated fleets let you focus your time, energy, and resources on your business, not on transportation. 

Let our fleet work for you 

Get stability, service, and flexibility from the largest dedicated provider in North America. Whether you are starting from scratch or already have a fleet, we offer new levels of efficiency, customization, and brand visibility.  

Have your own fleet of trucks?

When we focus on your fleet, you can focus on your business. Our dedicated model offers all the benefits of your private fleet, with less of the risk. 

Already have a fleet provider?

As the largest dedicated provider in North America, we offer flexibility, value, and service you can’t find anywhere else. 

Need a dedicated fleet?

Has your fleet outgrown your current transportation model? Our dedicated fleets guarantee capacity at contract rates and give you more control over your shipments. 


Watch a Customer Story

For Simmons Foods, outsourcing their fleet freed them to focus on their core business, which ultimately helped them build a competitive advantage. 


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Let us build a dedicated fleet for you.