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What is Less-Than-Truckload Shipping?

boxes in less than a truckload shipment ltl

At J.B. Hunt, we are here to provide ease in shipping for our customers. And part of that is helping answer your questions about the transportation process. That's why we've compiled a handful of the most frequently asked questions surrounding less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping. We've answered the questions below and given some details on how our LTL freight shipping services can assist you in meeting your supply chain needs.

LTL shipping doesn’t have to be difficult.

What are the differences in LTL shipments versus other modes of transport? 

LTL shipments typically weigh more than 100 pounds – making them too heavy to be transported by a small parcel carrier but not large enough to require a full truckload. One trailer typically carries freight for multiple businesses with commodities arranged on pallets. By consolidating shipments, it creates opportunities to move freight more economically.

How does pricing for LTL freight compare with truckload shipping? 

LTL pricing is based on density, stowability, handling and liability. We analyze the space your freight occupies on a truck, its weight, freight class, pickup and delivery destinations to provide you with a custom rate. At J.B. Hunt, we pride ourselves on our ability to match loads with the right truck at the right price and at the right time, all to maximize savings and efficiency. You can get a free instant quote at any time!

Will I be able to track my LTL shipment? 

Once you schedule your LTL shipment, J.B. Hunt teams will coordinate all pickup, transit and delivery arrangements. As your freight moves, location updates are received via electronic data interchange (EDI) technology from LTL carriers. To help customers stay in the know during transport, we utilize shipment tracking technology that empowers visibility. We make booking, tracking and managing your LTL freight even easier with J.B. Hunt Shipper 360 technology.

Do I need to contact the carrier or terminal after scheduling my LTL shipment? 

Your supply chain solutions provider should be your point of contact for your LTL shipments. When you work with J.B. Hunt, we make the shipping process simple! There is no need to contact the carrier or terminal after scheduling your shipment. In fact, doing so may inadvertently duplicate your shipment request. Our teams will handle all shipping arrangements on the specified dates and locations.

Are there ways to save money on my LTL freight? 

LTL services provide an economical way to meet the freight shipping needs of any business. At J.B. Hunt, our logistics professionals are great resources for questions about your freight shipping needs. The team can help customers find the best price on LTL shipments and coordinate additional services. Optimizing network benefits include: 

  • Fewer touches (correlates with less damage) 
  • Lower transportation costs 
  • More on-time deliveries 
  • Reduced carbon footprint

We also offer an exclusive discount when you book your first LTL shipment with Shipper 360 – giving you one more way to save.

Are you ready to ship with a dependable transportation provider? 

The next time you have freight to move that won't fill an entire truckload, consider the LTL shipping options at J.B. Hunt. Our freight specialists are here to support you with custom supply chain solutions – fill out our form to get connected!