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Flexibility and Solutions in the Market

The economy is in a state of instability, creating stress on the supply chain and cutting into the profitability of companies who rely on the free flow of goods into the market. When operating in a highly volatile market, manufacturers and retailers should strive to work with a logistics provider with the flexibility to deliver top-notch solutions through any challenge.

At J.B. Hunt, our Final Mile Services® offerings come together to create comprehensive and customizable solutions that are flexible enough to support our customers through every mile. 

Blending Solutions for Flexibility

Our capabilities go beyond the last mile of the product journey – company teams work to create hybrid logistics programs for ultimate flexibility through the first, middle and last miles. We have a range of services and solutions that we blend to create a cohesive yet flexible logistics experience that gets supplies and goods where they need to be.

Examples include: 

  • Pool Point: Our various pool point distribution locations can get supplies or goods in one place before moving them to their next destination. And the cross-dock solutions we utilize at our pool points are customizable – helping with speed to market.

  • Consolidation: Want to get shipments on one truck? No problem. From our pool points or customers’ suppliers, we can consolidate shipments to put them into one truckload for more efficient routing and delivery. 

  • Sourcing Truckloads: We can source truckloads based on customers’ freight volume and consolidate truckloads where possible for efficiency. Finding capacity for our customers is a breeze with our company-owned fleet and third-party truckload carrier network.

  • Less-Than-Truckload (LTL): Our specialized LTL services can be utilized to move big and bulky items that are too large for parcel shipping but too small for a full truckload. Consolidation efforts work directly with LTL services using our hub-and-spoke distribution method

  • Intermodal: If needed, we can convert freight to ship through our highway-to-rail-to-highway intermodal service – this can be a more sustainable or cost-effective option for customers who need an additional level of flexibility for shipping.

High Service Standards

Communication is crucial to maintaining a flexible transportation program. Having open lines of communication with our customers creates a baseline for quality. Once that baseline is established, our account management and customer solutions teams stay in close contact with customers to get them the best solutions for their current needs. 

We make these efforts to create true collaboration between our teams and customers. It helps us understand their business and better prepare for the future to support them when or if needs change. 

Better Solutions for Your Business

Let our Final Mile Services teams provide flexible logistics solutions that support your unique shipping needs during the first, middle or last mile. With a logistics partner that covers every mile of your transportation needs, you can get back to doing what you do best – running your business.

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Flexible Solutions Q&A

Who uses last-mile delivery? 

Last-mile delivery can be utilized by manufacturers and retailers that need to get a shipment to its final destination. Examples of delivery locations include end consumers’ homes or job sites. But many different types of businesses can find value via our Final Mile Services solutions – whether they need first, middle or last-mile shipping services.

What is specialized freight shipping? 

Specialized freight shipping means transporting goods and materials that require the carrier to take extra measures for secure delivery. J.B. Hunt teams have experience transporting and delivering specialized freight—from furniture to appliances and everything in between—with options for white glove service and installation.

How many middle-mile terminals does J.B. Hunt have? 

J.B. Hunt has 14 LTL freight hub terminals with historically low damage rates that are strategically placed across the United States for easier access to key markets.

How is J.B. Hunt addressing the challenges of being a first, middle and last-mile carrier? 

We differentiate our Final Mile Services solutions at J.B. Hunt through our proprietary Customer Value Delivery® service model, rigorous driver hiring and training practices, as well as our high safety and security standards. These principles set us up for success if challenges arise.

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