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Gain the Fleet Management and Visibility You Need

Illustration of a white semi-truck driving towards a cityscape, representing J.B. Hunt Dedicated Contract Services’ optimized freight management and supply chain visibility

For businesses that ship freight, it's important to know where your trucks and deliveries are, but it's also important to have visibility into your entire supply chain operation. When you let J.B. Hunt Dedicated Contract Services® teams manage your fleet, you get insight into the specific costs associated with your shipments thus creating a better cost-savings roadmap for your supply chain.  

With the visibility we provide, we can help you optimize your fleets and routes, reducing waste and empty miles. The benefits of working with our Dedicated Contract Services teams include: 

  • Engineering that optimizes routes and improves fuel efficiency 
  • Flexible fleet resources/synergy  
  • Disciplined cost management and reporting KPIs 
  • Economies of scale (equipment, fuel, labor)    
Get more out of your supply chain

Customer Value Delivery® Methodology

One of the differences that sets us apart from our competitors is our Customer Value Delivery (CVD) process. CVD is our way of providing and creating a roadmap that brings added value and anticipates customer needs so we can deliver on our promises and provide personalized customer service.  

This process allows us to get to know you and your supply chain better, so we can find the right solutions that fit best. When you work with our Dedicated Contract Services teams, not only will you get the advantages of our customized solutions, but you’ll also have the visibility you seek into how your fleet is performing.   

Since 1961 

For more than 60 years, we’ve been disrupting, adapting and working toward our vision of creating the most efficient transportation network in North America. Our ‘say-do’ culture and commitment to improving the customer experience is the reason we have the reputation we have today, and why our customers continue to do business with us – we’re trusted.  

Visibility is more than just keeping track of trucks and deliveries. It’s gaining operational control and insight into your fleet with people you trust to bring better value to your supply chain.  

Experience the dedicated advantage and leave the fleet operations to us.