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Dedicated Driver Retention and Hiring Methods

J.B. Hunt Dedicated Contract Services driver standing behind truck

Everyone needs drivers.

The need for qualified drivers is higher than we could have anticipated even just a few years ago, and it only continues to grow. Knowing that the market is becoming more volatile, do you really want to deal with fleet management and all the burdens that come along with it, more specifically, having to find, hire and retain drivers for your business? Our Dedicated Contract Services® has invested in people you trust that can take those stresses off you.

Finding and hiring truck drivers is something J.B. Hunt excels at, and we possess an unwavering focus on company driver retention. Our founder, Johnnie Bryan Hunt, a truck driver himself, created this company with drivers in mind. His driver-centric vision survives to this day throughout our driver recruitment and retention efforts.

Attracting Top Drivers

We have made the necessary investments in marketing, technology and recruiting practices to create a well-oiled machine that gets drivers onboard at J.B. Hunt. Our key to hiring top truck drivers all starts with our recruitment team, which is a force to be reckoned with – they’re a large group with complete dedication to recruiting drivers. And when it can take hundreds of calls to get just one driver hired, that dedication comes in handy.

The J.B. Hunt Difference

Thanks to the efforts of both our Recruitment and Corporate Driver Personnel teams, we have access to a large pool of company drivers compared to our competitors. J.B. Hunt has made investments to bolster our robust driver pool, like creating an easy pathway for drivers to get through onboarding and onto the road as efficiently as possible.

When you look at our Dedicated Services drivers specifically, we create a deeper value in their position by providing further specialized training where they learn useful skills that fully equip them to do their job correctly and safely. We also have a diverse selection of job types for drivers within Dedicated Services, which gives them the opportunity to build a career path they enjoy while driving for J.B. Hunt.

Retaining the Best in the Industry

One big reason that drivers choose to work for and stay onboard with J.B. Hunt is because we operate with a say-do company culture that places our people as a top priority. Our drivers know that their voice is going to be heard and that we will follow through for them as an employer.

We commit to our say-do culture for our drivers by providing them with stability in their positions while also giving them time to focus on the important things at home. Even during the pandemic, which created an extreme economic downturn and huge shifts in transportation needs for our customers – we held true to our commitments and were able to retain our company drivers.

Another aspect that supports our company culture and aids in our driver retention is our Million Mile safe driving recognition and awards. These awards give drivers recognition for safe driving milestones they achieve while working for J.B. Hunt while adding an extra layer of protection for our customer’s freight through reinforced safety practices.

We turn our driver's commitment to safety into a celebration and invite our entire company to cheer them on – check out a short video from our Million Mile Celebration below!

It Starts and Ends with Drivers

Why would you spend your own time and money on the recruitment, onboarding and retainment of drivers when J.B. Hunt has already invested in people who specialize in those roles?

We have extensive knowledge surrounding driver hiring and retention. Our driver hiring process is a well-oiled machine. And that's proven when examining our expansive company driver pool. J.B. Hunt understands how to get and keep drivers – let us do that for you so you can focus on your core business.

Connect with someone from our Dedicated Services today and get the top drivers in the industry on the road for you!

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