Simpler is Better: Easy Check Calls and Automated Detention

November 19, 2018 Comments Off on Simpler is Better: Easy Check Calls and Automated Detention

It’s a common complaint in the trucking industry: Completing check calls and keeping track of detention can be time consuming and confusing. With Carrier 360 by J.B. Hunt, check calls and automated detention are quick and easy. Plus, carriers get paid $50 for every hour of detention time once the 2-hour requirement is met if check calls are completed online.

With Carrier 360 you don’t have to call in just to confirm your status, and automated detention reduces uncertainty around driver wait time. In short, the app helps ensure time is tracked automatically so you’ll get paid for your wait.  Read on to find out how our check call notifications and automated detention help carriers better navigate the arrival and loading/unloading process.


In-app Check Calls
Once you arrive at the facility, you’ll be prompted to complete your arrival check call (location services must be turned on). Simply click ‘Update Load’ to let us know you’ve arrived.

Turn on location services      Confirm arrival      Set Arrival Time in Carrier 360


Once loaded or unloaded, submit your check call to indicate you’re ready to get back on the road. It’s that simple!

      Set loaded time


Automated Detention*
With Carrier 360, detention begins automatically two hours after the arrival check call has been made. We’ll let you know if you may qualify for detention pay. Once you complete the loaded or unloaded check call or leave the facility, your automated detention stops. The current detention rate for Carrier 360 users is $50 per hour after two hours. Of course, we’re always here if you need us: or 1-877-977-7427.

See detention alerts


Free Quick Pay**
When you use the Carrier 360 app to manage loads and complete check calls, you automatically get free Quick Pay once all paperwork has been submitted. Take advantage of this offer, exclusively available to J.B. Hunt-contracted carriers. Learn more here.


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* To qualify for detention drivers must arrive at the delivery location within the appointment time stated on your Carrier Load Confirmation. Automated detention begins two hours after the driver’s arrival check call has been logged. Arrival and loaded times must be recorded on the signed BOL related to that load, and the times listed on the BOL must match check call times to qualify for detention pay. Signed BOL and invoice must be submitted within 24 hours. For complete terms, review the Carrier Load Confirmation document for each individual load.
** Restrictions apply. Learn more here.
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