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Specialized LTL Freight Services


Our specialized less-than-truckload (LTL) services deliver bulky products utilizing top-notch shipping and handling techniques.


Big and Bulky Carrier Expertise

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Our Specialized LTL Offerings


Frequently Asked Questions


What is specialized freight shipping?

Specialized freight shipping means transporting big and bulky commodities that require the carrier to take extra measures for secure delivery. J.B. Hunt teams have experience transporting and delivering specialized freight – from furniture to appliances and everything in between.

What does LTL residential delivery mean?

Furniture or appliance shipments weighing more than 100 pounds that don’t fill a truckload can be classified as specialized LTL and delivered to a residential address. LTL residential delivery requires the carrier to transport freight to a business location or an end consumer’s home.

What is the difference between middle mile and first mile?

First-mile shipments are usually moving from one dock to another or from a manufacturer to a warehouse location. Middle-mile shipments typically involve transporting goods to a distribution center or showroom floor. Read about our first, middle and last mile services here.

What defines a big and bulky good?

Big and bulky goods are any large or heavy items that require specialized handling or delivery due to their weight and/or size. Usually, big and bulky items such as furniture or appliances are transported and delivered by a qualified logistics provider rather than the retailer.

Interested in More LTL Services?

Let us help you find the most efficient, cost-effective way to meet the shipping needs of your small- or medium-sized business utilizing our LTL freight services. You may need regular LTL services if your shipments:

  • Don't require specialized handling
  • Weigh more than 100 pounds
  • Aren't large enough to require a full truckload
Keep products moving for your business.