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Track Shipment
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Track Shipment
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Keep Cool With Temp-Controlled Services 

J.B. Hunt’s temperature controlled shipment options include intermodal, full truckload and less-than-truckload and range from frozen to freeze protect. Our visibility technology provides a full view of each shipment along the way, so you know that your freight is delivered on time and according to specs.

Brewing Temperature Controlled Freight Solutions for Cold Beer
Lagunitas Brewing utilizes temp-controlled intermodal.

On the rail

Our temp-controlled intermodal (TCI) service leverages the industry-leading intermodal network benefits J.B. Hunt is known for, along with specialized equipment required for product refrigeration needs. 
  • Over 2,500 TCI containers - the largest refrigerated intermodal fleet in the U.S.
  • Container tracking technology that monitors the location and temperature
  • Potential carbon footprint offsets with intermodal conversions

On the road

Full truckload service is a fast, flexible option for getting your shipments to their destination safely.
  • Extensive capacity available from more than 20,000 refrigerated freight carriers
  • Shipment tracking capabilities inside of J.B. Hunt 360
  • Compliant with all applicable transportation and food safety regulations

Less Than Truckload

Even smaller temp-controlled shipments get the same high level of service and value - pay only for the space utilized.

  • Local, regional and national footprints
  • Serves all temperature ranges from frozen to freeze protect
  • Shipment tracking capabilities inside of J.B. Hunt 360
Just chill – we’ve got your temperature controlled freight needs covered.