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Quick Rate Terms and Conditions

By booking the order, Customer agrees to the terms and conditions stated herein except where an existing contract between the parties includes contrary terms and conditions. If a separate contract is in effect, the terms and conditions of that contract will continue to apply to the order. 

Rate and Terms Application Rate quotes are an ‘ESTIMATE’ based on the information provided.  Actual charges will be determined by the origin, destination, zip codes, classification, shipping weight, and any additional services that may be required in transit.  Rates and additional charges will be determined using our signed rules and accessorial charges in place at the time of pick up. The customer acknowledges that the linehaul rate contained in the quote supersedes any prior published or contracted linehaul rate for the applicable order. Final rates will be calculated based on actual freight characteristics and the final invoice will include any additional charges that apply.  The fuel surcharge will be calculated on the DOE national average fuel price for the week of pick-up. Rates and additional charges are current as listed and are subject to change due to any deviation after placement of the order.  

Operating Authority: J.B. Hunt is licensed as a motor carrier and a property broker. When J.B. Hunt transports cargo with vehicles owned by or leased to J.B. Hunt, the service is provided under J.B. Hunt's motor carrier authority. Otherwise, when J.B. Hunt arranges for the transportation of cargo by a third-party motor carrier, such a service is provided under J.B. Hunt's broker authority. 

Limitation of Cargo Liability and Released Value: When acting under J.B. Hunt's broker authority, J.B. Hunt shall have no liability for claims related to the cargo transported by a third-party carrier. For loads moved pursuant to J.B. Hunt's motor carrier authority (and except as stated below), J.B. Hunt's liability for claims related to cargo shall be limited to the shipper's actual cost of the goods and shall not exceed the amount of $100,000 per full truckload. Shipments having value more than $100,000 per shipment are subject to this limitation of liability unless customer declares the value prior to tender and the parties agree to a different released value and rate in writing signed by an authorized officer of J.B. Hunt. The customer hereby represents that it is authorized to agree to the foregoing liability limitation on behalf of itself or the beneficial owner. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, J.B. Hunt shall have no cargo liability for shipments in Mexico, used equipment/machinery, cargo damaged or destroyed by high or low weather temperatures (including freezing or overheating unless Shipper requests the cargo to be transported in a refrigerated container/trailer), or any delay claims associated with late pickup or delivery (including chargebacks). 

Payment Terms: Customer shall pay J.B. Hunt full compensation for the services to be performed by J.B. Hunt hereunder within fifteen (15) days of J.B. Hunt’s invoice date. Payments on undisputed invoices received after the 15th day from the invoice date are subject to interest at the rate of 1 1/2% per month or to the maximum extent allowed by law, whichever is lower, plus attorney's fees in the amount of 25% if suit to collect same becomes necessary. Offsetting of freight charges will not be permitted. If a bill of lading or delivery receipt is requested and not available, J.B. Hunt may provide, and Shipper will accept alternate proof of delivery /receipt documentation. 

Claims: All claims for cargo loss, damage and salvage shall be submitted to J.B. Hunt and handled and processed in accordance with 49 CFR §370. Such claims shall be filed within 9 months of the date of delivery or scheduled delivery thereof in the event of a complete loss of shipment. Any action at law to recover any cargo claim shall be instituted by the customer against J.B. Hunt no later than two (2) years and one day after a written declination of claim has been delivered to the customer by J.B. Hunt. 

Maximum Weight: The maximum allowable weight for shipments is 45,500 pounds (Truck) and 43,500 pounds (Intermodal) and DOT axle maximums shall not be exceeded. The maximum allowable weight on TCI (Temp Controlled Intermodal) shipments is up to 43,500 pounds and DOT maximums shall not be exceeded. Charges for reworking, transloading or redelivering loads will be charged to the party responsible for paying freight charges, subject to a $250 minimum. In the event the load is returned to the shipper for removal of freight or rework, stop charges, circuitous miles, and detention accessorial will also apply. 

Rate Application: Published rates will not apply to Shipper's customers/vendor unless prior written authorization has been received by J.B. Hunt. 

Fuel Surcharge: (See Fuel Addendum) If changes to the published fuel program occur, published rates may be subject to review. 

Mileage Publication: The governing publication is Household Goods Carriers Mileage Guide as determined by current Rand McNally Milemaker. If changes to the published mileage program occur, published rates may be subject to review. 

High Value Commodity: Upon Shippers’ request High Value Shipments exceeding $100,000 will be accepted subject to an additional cost of $100 for each additional $50,000 in declared valuation more than $100,000. Shipments having an actual cost value of more than $100,000 per shipment must be declared prior to tender and the parties must agree in writing to the value of the shipment to be transported. 

Proof of Delivery: Upon the customer's request, a digitized image of the bill of lading shall accompany each freight bill at a fee of $15 per bill. Should the customer request an original bill of lading, a fee of $30 shall be added to such bill. 

Load / Unload: Shipments requiring driver loading or unloading will be applied with a charge of $225, plus applicable Detention (With Power) (see above). Shipments requiring loading or unloading by a lumper service will be billed as pass-through subject to a minimum charge of $195.00 for the loading or unloading event, plus applicable Detention (With Power). An additional administrative charge of $25.00 will be billed for all (both driver and lumper) loading and unloading events. 

Detention With Power: After two (2) hours of free time, detention charges will accrue $25 per 15-minute increment or fraction thereof for the following (3) hours. If the total hours detained is greater than 5 hours, a flat $750 charge will apply. Hours 1-2 Free Hours 3-5 - $100 per hour ($25 per 15-minute increment) Hours 5+ - $750 flat Carrier will be considered on-time when arriving within 5 minutes of scheduled appointment. 

Detention Without Power: J.B. Hunt or the Third-Party Carrier will use trailer/container tracking technology to determine when a trailer/container is dropped and when it is emptied. Customer will receive the day the trailer/container is dropped plus one calendar day free. The day the trailer/container is emptied and available for pick-up will also be granted as a free day. Time begins upon delivery of trailer/container at the receiving facility and, if trailer/container is still loaded beyond the expiration of free time, charges will accrue until trailer/container is determined to be empty and available for pick-up. Free Time: Day of drop (free), plus one day (free), plus day of empty (free). Charges begin at 00:01 on the first billable day. Charges: After the expiration of free time, Detention - Without Power charges are as follows: Days (1-3) Loaded After Expiration of Free Time: $100/day Days (4-8) Loaded After Expiration of Free Time: $150/day Days (9+) Loaded After Expiration of Free Time: $200/day 


If J.B. Hunt or its agent is required to rework or reload trailing equipment that is in transit due to freight that has shifted as a result of, either or both improperly loaded or secured cargo, a $250 minimum charge will apply. In addition, the cost incurred for the driver load or lumper charges will be passed through to the party responsible for payment. All other applicable accessorial will apply. In the event the load is returned to shipper for rework, stop charges and circuitous miles accessorial will also apply. For Intermodal shipments, shipper is responsible for blocking and bracing lading according to the Association of American Railroads guidelines to prevent lateral and longitudinal movement. Charges that result from lack of proper blocking and bracing will be billed to the party responsible for carrier freight charges. 

Redelivery: When a shipment is tendered for delivery and through no fault of the carrier such delivery cannot be accomplished, a charge of $2.50 per mile, subject to a minimum charge of $250 plus applicable detention. If empty equipment is not available for drop and hook, a bobtail charge will apply. 

Reconsignment: Reconsignments will be calculated as follows: $150 reconsignment fee + published rate from original origin to the point of reconsignment + additional linehaul charges from the point of reconsignment at $2.50 per mile or a minimum of $500. If no published rate exists, a special quote is required. All other applicable accessorial will apply. 

Inbond Charges: A charge of $200 will apply to shipments moving inbond. 

Non-Permitted Use of Equipment: Utilization of equipment which does not strictly comply with the intended use between J.B. Hunt and the customer will result in a $500 equipment fee per trailer or container, per day, for each occurrence. 

Bob Tail: If J.B. Hunt or the third-Party Carrier is required to bobtail out, a charge of $2.50 per mile for all miles (round trip), subject to a minimum charge of $200, will apply. If the Shipper or Consignee requires additional trailing equipment, a special spot price and prior approval is required. 

Premium Rail Service: Rates are based upon standard transit times. If Premium Rail Service is required, an additional charge of $0.30 per loaded mile will apply. 

Rail Storage (Dwell): Dwell is defined as the time a loaded container is stored awaiting delivery to a Consignee's facility. All days of the week a destination ramp is open (including Sunday) are considered chargeable days. If the destination ramp is closed for a holiday or inclement weather during free time, an additional free day will be granted. Time begins upon the day of deramp and will accrue until the day the container is delivered to the Consignee's facility. Free Time: Day of de-ramp (free), plus one day (free). Charges begin at 00:01 on the first billable day. If the destination ramp is closed during free time, a free day will be given for each closed day. Charges: After the expiration of free time, Dwell charges are as follows: Days (1-2) Stored After Expiration of Free Time: $150/day Days (3+) Stored After Expiration of Free Time: $225/day Time: Day of de-ramp (free), plus one day (free). Charges begin at 00:01 on the first billable day. If the destination ramp is closed during free time, a free day will be given for each closed day. Charges: After the expiration of free time, Dwell charges are as follows: Days (1-2) Stored After Expiration of Free Time: $150/day Days (3+) Stored After Expiration of Free Time: $225/day 

Circuitous Miles: When point to point linehaul rates are published on a flat dollar basis, the dollar amount will be divided by all the miles from origin to destination (excluding all intermediate stops), and the resulting revenue per mile (rounded to the nearest cent) will be applied to all miles. In addition, when a load has a multi stop delivery all mileage beyond the 1st delivery stop will be charged an additional $2.50 per mile. If it is a multi-stop pickup, all mileage between the first pick up and the final pick up will be billed an additional $2.50 per mile. Stop charges will also apply. See 'Stops in Transit'. 

Pallet Exchange: When pallet exchange is required, all charges shall be pass-through plus an administration fee of $25.00. 

Stops in Transit: Additional stops in transit will be applied charges of $250 for the first stop, $350 for the second stop, and $500 for the third stop and each stop thereafter. 

Yard Pull and Storage: If loaded equipment has been de-ramped and is not delivered within three (3) days, J.B. Hunt or the third-Party carrier has the option to pull loaded equipment from the rail ramp and park at off-site storage yard. In this case, a $150 yard pull charge will be applied, in addition to rail storage charges until the load is delivered. 

Equipment Clean-Out: In the event the trailers or containers are not suitable for immediate re-loading due to failure by the receiver to completely remove product or dunnage, the party responsible for payment of freight charges will be charged a minimum fee of $100. Additional charges may occur. 

Tarping: When tarping is required, the following fees will apply: 4 Foot Tarp: $75.00 6 Foot Tarp: $100.00 8 Foot Tarp: $150.00 

Deadhead: An additional charge may apply when additional equipment is requested above a customer's daily allocation. Additional charges will be applied on a load-by-load basis and must be agreed upon in advance. 

EEI Filing Fee: Additional charge of $35 will apply in the event customer requires J.B. Hunt to file electronic export information on their behalf as required by the U.S. Census Bureau Written authorization from customer to J.B. Hunt is required. $35 applies to filings with five or less commodity classifications. Additional commodity classifications will be filed at $10 per classification. 

Scale Service: If light and/or heavy scale tickets are requested, a charge of $45 per scale will apply. 

Congestion Charges: Shipments with drops or a final destination in the New York City area (ZIP codes 100-104, 107-108,110-119) will be charged $600 (53 ft. equipment is restricted to zip codes 100-102). 

Tanker Endorsement: If a load requires a driver with a tanker endorsement license, a $75 fee will apply. If this requirement is not identified at the time of rate request and/or tender, a $250 penalty fee will apply. 

Temperature / Freeze Protect: Passive Temp Control services (as outlined in waiver) will be provided based on signed documentation from the customer. The rate for these services will be a $25 administration fee in addition to additional costs incurred. Quilts, blankets, or storage can be provided for protection against extreme temperatures. The cost and setup of these programs will vary and will need to be discussed in advance with J. B. Hunt to ensure protection procedures are in place. A $25 administration fee will be applied plus additional costs incurred.