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J.B. Hunt Teams Up with Industry Leaders to Reward Carriers

J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. (NASDAQ:JBHT), by its subsidiary J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc., has teamed up with SiriusXM, Pilot Flying J, and The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company to create a rewards program for Carrier 360 by J.B. Hunt, a component of the company’s technology solution - J.B. Hunt 360°® - designed to help carriers save money, spend more time driving, and have an overall better experience. The program is part of the company’s ongoing effort to leverage experience and technology to develop the most efficient transportation systems in North America.

J.B. Hunt 360 Perks™ will provide carriers and their drivers the opportunity to receive fuel discounts, Pilot myRewards® points, discounts on SiriusXM truck radios, and complimentary SiriusXM subscriptions by purchasing diesel fuel at participating Pilot and Flying J locations in the United States using a J.B. Hunt 360 fuel card. They can also receive discounts on preventive maintenance, labor, parts, and tires from Pilot Flying J Truck Care and discounts on Goodyear products and services. 

“Our company drivers and independent contractors, including third party carriers and owner-operators, are a large part of J.B. Hunt’s continued growth and success,” said John Roberts, president and CEO at J.B. Hunt. “This program focuses on providing carriers and their drivers with great opportunities to succeed. J.B. Hunt 360 Perks brings together J.B. Hunt, a leader in the transportation industry, and three of the biggest names in their respective trades to create what we believe is the best and most comprehensive rewards program available. This program includes discounts on brands and services carriers use every day.” 

J.B. Hunt 360 Perks lives within Carrier 360, which allows carriers to optimize their daily operations using machine learning and artificial intelligence. For example, Carrier 360 provides load recommendations based on predicted location, historical lane data, service levels, and personal settings. 

“Every improvement we make to Carrier 360 starts with listening to the ongoing needs and interests of carriers,” added Shelley Simpson, president of highway services and chief commercial officer at J.B. Hunt. “Ultimately, we’re redefining the way carriers can do business by helping them reduce wasted time and create operating efficiencies. Our J.B. Hunt 360 Perks program is the next step in helping them improve their bottom line.”

J.B. Hunt 360 Perks Rewards from SiriusXM, Pilot Flying J, and Goodyear 

SiriusXM, Pilot Flying J, and Goodyear have integrated their incentives into Carrier 360, so participants can access their J.B. Hunt 360 Perks account information, sign up for SiriusXM, view their Pilot myRewards® account, and check out the latest offerings from Goodyear, all within the platform. They can also use the app to complete fuel purchases, which will earn them additional Pilot myRewards® points. 

J.B. Hunt 360 Perks participants earn 18 cents off the credit price per gallon of diesel fuel from participating Pilot and Flying J travel center locations in the United States. Drivers for participating carriers can earn up to five (5) Pilot myRewards® points for each gallon of diesel fuel.

“Pilot Flying J is excited to enhance our long-standing collaboration with J.B. Hunt to offer a wide variety of savings to carriers using Carrier 360,” said Jimmy Haslam, chief executive officer for Pilot Flying J. “J.B. Hunt and Pilot Flying J are bringing our like-minded technologies and driver-centric philosophies together to expand our mutual commitment to the trucking industry in innovative ways.”

J.B. Hunt 360 Perks participants also get discounted rates on SiriusXM radios for their trucks and can earn complimentary access to SiriusXM’s All Access subscription package when they fuel an average of 600 diesel gallons every 30 days at participating Pilot and Flying J locations in the United States. SiriusXM All Access is SiriusXM’s most expansive programming package, includes access to the SiriusXM mobile app, and delivers the most comprehensive bundle of entertainment, sports, and news programming available in a vehicle. 

“We are excited to build upon our 15-plus year relationship with J.B. Hunt by participating in the innovative and fast-growing J.B. Hunt 360 program,” said Joe Verbrugge, executive vice president and general manager, emerging business, for SiriusXM. “Many of the earliest adopters of SiriusXM were truck drivers, and they’ve stayed with us because we deliver an easy-to-use, truly one-of-a-kind entertainment experience available across North America. SiriusXM’s lineup of live sports, commercialfree music, the exclusive 24/7 Road Dog Trucking channel, and more, is never out of range.”

Goodyear will provide J.B. Hunt 360 Perks users with discounts and pricing on tires, retreads, and other elements of its Total Solution, as well as quarterly specials. Goodyear’s Total Solution consists of trusted products, reliable services and fleet management tools – all delivered by a nationwide network that encompasses more than 2,300 Goodyear Commercial Tire & Service Centers and authorized Goodyear commercial tire dealer locations.

“Goodyear’s Total Solution is designed to help not only large fleets, but also independent carriers lower their operating costs,” said Dave Beasley, vice president of commercial tires at Goodyear. “We are excited to give carriers using Carrier 360 access to Goodyear’s Total Solution, as well as special pricing and discounts, through the J.B. Hunt 360 Perks program.” 

In the future, Goodyear will also provide J.B. Hunt 360 Perks users with a designated phone number that will connect them with 24/7 Goodyear-Fleet HQ Emergency Roadside Service, a Goodyear commercial tire dealer locator within Carrier 360, a truck tire casing program, and other benefits. To receive Goodyear benefits, participants will need to have a Carrier 360 account and successfully complete a short online application and enrollment process that can be accessed from the Perks home page. 

For more information about the program, download the J.B. Hunt 360 Perks fact sheet or visit

Digital Growth at J.B. Hunt

Carrier 360 is one application of the company’s overall technology solution, J.B. Hunt 360, that addresses the need for efficiency, cost savings, and visibility across the supply chain. Through J.B. Hunt 360, businesses and carriers can engage in a marketplace for freight matching, gain unprecedented visibility into their operations within the supply chain, and access features that automate and streamline day-to-day efforts.

Over the past year, digital transactions within J.B. Hunt 360 have grown significantly. Offers submitted by carriers through Carrier 360 increased exponentially throughout 2017, and, of the total reported Integrated Capacity Solutions revenue in Q1 and Q2 of 2018, approximately $233 million was executed through the marketplace for J.B. Hunt 360.

J.B. Hunt has a continued commitment to developing new solutions that address the digitization of supply chain management. In 2017, the company announced a five-year, $500 million investment dedicated to creating disruptive technology and enhancing its operating systems and infrastructure. The investment will help advance the ability to see deeper within the supply chain, add new automation capabilities, and draw top talent in technology, engineering, data science, and logistics. 

About J.B. Hunt

J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc., an S&P 500 company, provides innovative supply chain solutions for a variety of customers throughout North America. Utilizing an integrated, multimodal approach, the company applies technology-driven methods to create the best solution for each customer, adding efficiency, flexibility, and value to their operations. J.B. Hunt services include intermodal, dedicated, refrigerated, truckload, less-than- truckload, flatbed, single source, final mile, and more. J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. stock trades on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol JBHT and is a component of the Dow Jones Transportation Average. J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of JBHT. For more information, visit

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