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Middle-Mile Delivery

Whether your goods are going from one dock to another or straight to a warehouse or showroom floor, J.B. Hunt teams use custom supply chain solutions and middle-mile capabilities to deliver specialized furniture carrier expertise that keeps big and bulky products moving for your business.


How We Help

J.B. Hunt offers flexible and adaptable solutions for our middle-mile services. Our solutions are customizable to your business thanks to assets like our advanced technology, competitive warehousing advantages and unmatched delivery expertise.


What You Get 



Our advanced reporting capabilities and industry knowledge assist in solving your middle-mile needs.


Delivery Tracking

Less-than-truckload (LTL) freight track-and-trace abilities bring a high level of visibility to goods in transit for customers.


Alerts and Notifications

Email alerts and notifications help customers stay in the know during each step of the middle-mile journey.


Expanded Middle-Mile Capabilities

J.B. Hunt acquired the Zenith Global Logistics® company, one of the largest asset-based carriers in the United States, who specialized exclusively in big and bulky items and home furnishings. This acquisition extends our middle-mile services and expands the customization capabilities of our nationwide, specialized furniture carrier solutions.


Extended Capabilities


Drivers and Customer Support

J.B. Hunt gained Zenith® employees and drivers who are just as committed to customer care and top-notch service as the rest of our company teams.


LTL Freight

The addition of 14 freight-hub facilities to the J.B. Hunt reach better equips us to provide specialized furniture LTL freight services.


Warehousing Management

Warehousing inventory management systems furnish a direct view of regional inventory and make it easier to scale for changing customer needs.


Leading Technology

Zenith technology expanded capabilities through electronic logs for quality control and LTL freight track-and-trace abilities for increased visibility.


Professional Handling Practices

Ingrained professional package handling practices lend an added layer of quality control and peace of mind that merchandise will be managed with care.


Consistent Delivery Cycles

Our LTL freight abilities and warehouse locations near key markets create accessibility allowing us to build consistent delivery cycles for customers.

Professional middle-mile services for your business!