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Delivering Top Performance in Peak Shipping Season

Photo Image of Worker Taping up a Box

Peak shipping season is here.  

As usual, the frenzy of shipping ahead of the holiday season constricts the supply of available trucks that can make deliveries on the timelines that retailers demand.   

Not so usual, however, is this: By some metrics, “peak season” could apply to much of the year already. Consider, for instance, that in the first and second quarters of 2021, traffic at the Port of Los Angeles was up almost 60 percent and 55 percent, respectively.  

With retailers trying to stock up for the upcoming holidays, don’t expect congestion at ports — and the correlating capacity crunch playing out in inland transportation in the U.S. — to lighten any time soon.

Now is the time for shippers to plan for handling an even tighter market for capacity. 

Finding available drivers who can make your deliveries to the right place, on the right peak shipping timeline, is easy with Shipper 360™ by J.B. Hunt.  

The multimodal digital freight platform taps into a pool of more than 90,000 qualified carriers across North America to give you the capacity you need. 

With the tap of a few buttons, you connect each shipment with road and rail capacity at transparent, market-relevant rates while also benefitting from recommendations for shortest transits and lowest prices.

The industry-leading Shipper 360 also provides tools to improve service. They include 24/7 tracking for transparency into shipments’ progress every step of the way, as well as data-driven insights that help increase transportation efficiency.

Shipper 360 is part of a full suite of services and tools that J.B. Hunt offers on its way to creating the most efficient transportation network in North America.  

Don’t get left behind ahead of the winter holidays. See how easy it is to get in and book shipments that help you meet holiday demand.

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