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10 Reasons to Use Expedited Freight Shipping

Expedited shipping is no longer just a solution for high-value loads and emergency relief. These days, there are a multitude of reasons to choose expedited shipping. Supply chain solutions companies that offer expedited options are a great resource for shippers in determining if expedited is the best way to move their freight. Below are ten reasons shippers might require the use of expedited freight services.

1. Product Shortages: 

Assembly lines today operate so efficiently that an out-of-stock component of the end-product could shut down the line. This can lead to high costs throughout the supply chain. Addressing shortages efficiently often requires expedited shipping by air freight or over-the-road (OTR) transportation.

2. Replacement Parts:

Similar to product shortages, when machinery breaks it must be fixed immediately or risk losing money. Often these parts are specialized and not readily available in a local market. Expediting shipments in these situations are often accomplished using a cargo van or air transport.

3. Must Arrive By Date:

Delays throughout the supply chain, such as traffic congestion or late deliveries, can cause issues with on-time service. Often these setbacks are unforeseen, but the disruption must be addressed immediately if an item must be delivered by a certain date. Utilizing a large carrier network, OTR driving teams can be deployed to expedite the process and ensure on-time delivery.

4. Medical Emergency or Natural Disaster:

Some situations require the fastest, safest shipping possible. Especially in times of dire need, minimizing the transit time is essential. Expedited teams can provide this vital service that may also contribute to helping others.

5. LTL Rescue:

Lost and left-behind pallets happen. Last-minute fall-offs occur. And late deliveries can be expected on occasion. Expedited service can work with your less-than-truckload (LTL) provider to recover the freight and ensure its delivery.

6. Breakdowns and Delays:

Although most companies do their best to avoid service issues, getting back on schedule after a delay isn’t always possible. An expedited freight carrier can recover and deliver the freight using a cargo van, straight truck, or even a team of drivers in a 53’ truck.

7. Grand Openings and Trade Shows:

Sometimes you need a product fast to ensure an event goes down without a hitch. At times, necessary items can’t be picked up just anywhere and require specialized delivery. Your supply chain solutions company can coordinate delivery of fixtures, marketing materials, and more so you can focus on the big event.

8. High-value Freight:

Cargo theft can be a concern, especially around holidays. The more time a product is left unattended, the more risk there is for theft. Expedited freight solutions utilize a network of high-value approved carriers and team drivers to ensure your most valuable products travel from origin to destination safely and quickly.

9. Lift Gate Services:

Delivery with special equipment needs is becoming increasingly common, including lift gates, which are much-needed for store and residential deliveries. Shipments to locations that don’t feature docks or have equipment available benefit greatly from expedited services.

10. Dedicated Delivery:

Highly important or sensitive products often need exclusive service. This can include avoiding multiple cross-docks transferring freight or shipping cargo with other products such as in an LTL or consolidated load. Dedicated deliveries through an expedited operation can provide a dedicated truck for the cargo and premium delivery service.

When timing matters most, contact the J.B. Hunt Expedited team to help navigate your freight shipping needs. We offer intuitive technology and unmatched customer service to ensure your shipments arrive on time. To discuss which expedited service fits your needs, email expedited@jbhunt.comor call 1-877-818-8515.