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Understanding Payments in Carrier 360

Driver standing in front of his truck with payment imagery superimposed

You can’t run your business if you’re not getting paid. Make sure your payment processing is smooth sailing when moving loads using Carrier 360™ by reviewing your payment options and choosing the one that’s right for you.

Simplifying Invoices

Our top tip for simplifying payments in Carrier 360 is to use the upload documents and create invoice functions. Take pictures of your load documents from your smartphone to keep your bill of lading, receipts and other important documents safe and ready for invoicing. Then, easily create an invoice using the mobile app or from your computer. Simplified, automated invoicing means faster and easier payments for you!

The Payment Process

When you click on the Pay tab in your Carrier 360 account, loads are broken down into three different sections: Waiting on Me, Waiting on J.B. Hunt and Paid by Settlement/Paid by Load. Each section includes loads with their current payment status and action.

Waiting on Me

These are completed loads that are still waiting for the required documentation to be uploaded before they can be processed. Easily upload documents or create/edit an invoice from this section.

Waiting on J.B. Hunt

For loads listed here, our team is working to verify documents and invoices in order to process and complete your payment. (Invoices created using Carrier 360 can be resolved faster.)

Paid by Settlement

When multiple loads are paid out at once, it’s called a “settlement”. On this tab, click the settlement number to see the information for every included load payment.

Paid by Load

Search by load number to view a breakdown of each load, including payment details and uploaded documents.

Payment Options

There are three options for payment terms for your Carrier 360 loads: Quick Pay, Standard Pay and Factored. To view or change your payment election, visit My Settings in your Carrier 360 account and look for Payment Information.

Quick Pay

Payment is received within 48 hours after all load documents have been submitted. Each Quick Pay load invoice is subject to a 1.5% fee.

Standard Pay

Payment is made by direct deposit or check 21 days after all load documents have been submitted.


For carriers using a factoring company, payments are released to the carrier’s factoring company 30 days after all load documents have been submitted. Quick Pay is not available for carriers with factoring as their payment method. To change from factoring to a different payment election, J.B. Hunt must receive a release letter from the factoring company.

Still have payment questions or need more information? Talk with a representative using the chat function in your Carrier 360 account.