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Tracking Load Payments With The J.B. Hunt 360 Payment Dashboard

For many carriers, one of the most time-consuming business activities is spending time tracking payments on multiple loads. Carriers can track the status of load payments directly within J.B. Hunt 360.  Read on for a basic explanation of each load payment status found in J.B. Hunt 360 below. If you are a J.B. Hunt contract carrier and have created your J.B. Hunt 360 account, login with your user name and password and select "Payments" from the left-hand menu. The Payments screen includes four tabs:

  1. Waiting on Me - These are loads waiting on additional documentation from the carrier prior to payment processing. It may take up to 24 hours for documents uploaded to be visible in "Waiting on J.B. Hunt."
  2. Waiting on J.B. Hunt - These load are being processed for payment by J.B. Hunt. A green check mark indicates a load payment is scheduled. A red exclamation mark indicates a load payment is still being processed.
  3. Paid by Settlement - Shows the payment history by settlement. There may be multiple load payments in one settlement. To view specifics on each settlement, click the Details button.
  4. Paid by Load - Shows the payment history with line item details for individual loads.

Payment status can also be checked by calling the Automated Invoice Inquiry line at 1-877-977-7427, option 3.  You will need your MC number and J.B. Hunt load number to get payment status details. Contact J.B. Hunt Carrier Support at 1-877-977-7427, option 4, or email for specific payment-related questions.