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The J.B. Hunt Load Board Map is Back - Start Searching

Nearly one year ago when J.B. Hunt re-designed its load board, we added new search tools and features designed to make finding a load easier. But we left off one important, and hugely popular, feature - the map. Since that time we've been working not just to bring back the map feature, but to make it better. The new map offers a one-look glance at the total number of loads available in each state.

To get more details, simply click on the state of your choosing to reveal the overview screen showing  all available loads in the state. Need to narrow the search results? No problem. Just use the filter tools in the left hand menu to narrow the search results based on pick up or delivery date, number of miles, number of stops, or weight. Users can also search the load board based on origin and/or destination city by using the search bar at the top of the page. Ready to find your next load? Get started now - search the load board.