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Asking Questions to J.B. Hunt: Who Carriers Can Call To Get the Answers They Need

J.B. Hunt appreciates the service provided by contract carriers and we hope that it's a good experience doing business with J.B. Hunt. However, we understand that trying to ask a question may sometimes seem like a daunting task. With multiple departments, phone numbers and email addresses, getting to the correct person to answer your question or help address your issue may be confusing. Use the list below to help navigate to the correct department within J.B. Hunt to help with common questions:
  1. Becoming a carrier/updating existing carrier information

    Department: Carrier Relations Online Resources: Email: Phone: 1-800-423-6892
  2. Payment Questions

    Department: Carrier Support Online Resources: Log in to Carrier 360 to see your payment status Email: Phone: 1-877-977-7427
  3. Detention Reporting

    Department: Carrier Support Online Resources: Perform check calls in Carrier 360 Email: Phone: 1-877-977-7427
  4. Lumper Service Payment

    Department: Freight Handling Phone: 1-800-UNLOAD1 (800-865-6231) Read our blog post for specific procedures.
  5. Carrier 360 Technical Support

    Department:  Carrier 360 Support Team Desktop computer support: or 844-252-1793 Mobile device support: or 844-252-1764
  6. Claims Handling

    Department: Carrier Support Phone: 1-877-977-7427