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Using J.B. Hunt Carrier Services to Reduce Expenses

Trucks at a truck stop

Reducing expenses and managing cash flow are key components to maintaining a healthy financial outlook for small and mid-size businesses. This is especially important to the commercial trucking industry. Up-front expenses for things such as fuel, tolls, and maintenance costs are the norm. And while large companies can hire extra staff to take care of office operations, owner-operators and small fleet owners often have to manage these tasks themselves.

One way to oversee the health of your business is to explore the range of services offered to J.B. Hunt-approved carriers. As an approved carrier with J.B. Hunt, your company may be eligible for discounts, special offers, and promotional pricing on products and business services that are essential to trucking companies.

Load Availability

  • Online Load Board - The best way to keep your truck rolling is to always know where your next load is. If you carry loads brokered by J.B. Hunt, the best way to find your next load is to use the J.B. Hunt Online Load Board. Search for loads nationwide and filter your results by weight, equipment type, pick up date, number of stops, miles or location. When you find a load you're interested in, click the  "Booking Info" button and call the toll free number shown in the load details screen.
  • Consistent, "no touch" freight - If you are a power-only contracted carrier with J.B. Hunt's PCS division, our sales team will find loads for your trucks to keep them moving. The majority of trailers are "drop and hook" or pre-loaded, so time spent waiting for loading and unloading is minimal. To learn more about becoming a power-only carrier, read our blog post.

Payment Services

  • Quick Pay is J.B. Hunt's expedited payment option. Payments for delivered loads are processed in as little as two business days after all load documentation is received.
  • Cash advances are available to J.B. Hunt contracted carriers with both Quick Pay and Standard Pay terms.
  • Direct deposit is the fastest way to get paid for a J.B. Hunt load. Direct deposit is available for carriers with either Quick Pay or Standard Pay terms.

For more information about J.B. Hunt load payment procedures, see our blog post "Best Practices for Faster Load Payment Processing."

Business Services

  • Safety program management offered by CDL Consultants at special pricing for J.B. Hunt contracted carriers can help your company maintain compliance with regular safety audits and monitoring.
  • Financial services from Equinox Business Solutions include book keeping and tax filing for situations specific to commercial trucking.
  • Payroll and benefits solutions from PayPlans & Benefits can help carrier companies save on health and insurance benefits, payroll services, and other human resource solutions.


Utilizing technology can help carriers increase efficiency and automate operations.

  • Both Sprint and AT&T offer exclusive wireless and data services discounts to J.B. Hunt contracted carriers.
  • Mobile apps such as TransFlo Mobile can be downloaded for free and used to send load documents to J.B. Hunt directly from your mobile device.

For a full list of J.B. Hunt's carrier services, visit our web site.

J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc. is not affiliated with the vendor and does not solicit, sell or consult in the business of providing these vendor-related services, nor is there any carrier incentive as it relates to J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc. to participate in these services. The decision to participate is at the sole discretion of the carrier.