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Innovating with Carriers in Mind | J.B. Hunt

Carrier 360 by J.B. Hunt™ is designed to help carriers save money, find more time to drive and enjoy an overall better experience from looking for loads to checking payment status. By incorporating carrier feedback into our technology and processes, Carrier 360 delivers on those goals – so carriers can deliver on theirs.

A Personal/Digital Approach

Powerful technology and an ever-expanding list of features are not enough to provide an exceptional carrier experience. Carrier 360 makes everyday tasks easier, but it doesn’t replace our collaborative approach with carriers. One-on-one support with someone prepared to address questions and unique scenarios is still only a phone call or email away. The Carrier 360 difference is in the way we combine technology with the personal approach and expertise of our people.

Feedback and Collaboration

With nearly 60 years in the industry, J.B. Hunt understands the importance of listening to carriers to learn what they need to operate a successful business. User feedback helps us identify features and improvements that will change the way they do business for the better.

App store reviews and comments are always welcome and encouraged. We dig a little deeper by hosting roundtable discussions, asking for feedback, and offering users the opportunity to pilot new features.

Enhancements are also made based on current events and industry needs. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, J.B. Hunt added an electronic bill of lading (e-BOL) feature to Carrier 360 to minimize contact at receiver facilities.

Leveling the Playing Field

Carrier 360 gives small fleets and owner-operators an advantage by providing access to opportunities typically reserved for large fleets. With Carrier 360 Perks, discounts on fuel, SiriusXM rewards, and Goodyear savings are available to businesses of all sizes.

Personalized load suggestions, in-app check calls and access to rewards are just a few of the ways Carrier 360 continues to add useful tools to a carrier’s digital toolbox. Plus, it’s completely free to sign up. Carriers have enough expenses to keep their businesses running; finding and managing freight shouldn’t be another one.

To innovate is to do something in a new way. The continual innovation of Carrier 360 is a constant cycle of listening to carrier needs and solving their problems in new and better ways.

Ready to join the future of freight?

Whether you have one truck or 20, Carrier 360 gives you access to tools that reduce inefficiencies and increase visibility into available freight, current loads and your discounts. Sign up to become an approved carrier and get on the road to a better business.