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Detention Payments: How to Report Detention and Get Paid

Have you ever needed to report a detention delay or request a lumper payment and weren’t sure about the process or procedures to follow? Carriers can be reimbursed for detention when delays are encountered at a shipper or receiver facility beyond the scheduled appointment time. Most companies have specific procedures for reporting detention times and getting paid for detention. Use the following process to ensure detention times are reported accurately for J.B. Hunt loads and payments can be processed efficiently:

Reporting Detention for Carriers

Perform check calls as soon as you arrive for your appointment. This ensures your detention time is calculated correctly. Check calls for J.B. Hunt loads are performed three ways:
  1. Use J.B. Hunt 360. This is the fastest way and most accurate way to report your arrival and departure times at a shipper or receiver facility. Simply log in to, or create, your J.B. Hunt 360 account, enter your load number and check the appropriate check call selection. Choose from: - Arrived at shipper - Loaded - Arrived at receiver - Unloaded
  2. Call J.B. Hunt Automated Notification Line (1-877-977-7427, option 1) to report  arrival/departure time.
  3. Email to report arrival/departure time.
Always note the arrival and departure times at a facility on the Bill of Lading (BoL). Most importantly, read the Carrier Load Confirmation for every load. If there are specific detention requirements listed in the “comments” section, they supersede regular detention reporting procedures. For full explanation of J.B. Hunt’s detention and lumper payment policies and procedures, click here.

Requesting Lumper Payments

Often, lumper fees are a source of frustration if incorrect payment methods and procedures are used. When a J.B. Hunt load requires a lumper service for loading or unloading, contact J.B. Hunt to pay the lumper directly. Use the following procedure:
  1. Call 1-800-UNLOAD1
  2. Give the freight specialist the J.B. Hunt load number
  3. The freight specialist pays the lumper directly
  4. Keep a copy of the lumper receipt and submit with the load paperwork
  5. DO NOT pay for lumper service from a cash advance or out-of-pocket – J.B. Hunt WILL NOT reimburse for lumper payments.
Want more information about becoming a carrier for J.B. Hunt? Complete the online carrier packet and begin the journey.