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Find Your Next Load With the Load Board or J.B. Hunt 360 Carrier

Recently, we announced that J.B. Hunt had added a once-popular feature back to its load board – the map. The response has been overwhelming. We've received dozens of blog comments, phone calls, emails, and social media comments asking how to get the best value from using the J.B. Hunt load board. So, here are some ways to stay up-to-date on the latest freight opportunities found on the load board.

If You Already Use J.B. Hunt 360 Carrier:

Set up notification preferences J.B. Hunt 360 Carrier allows users to customize their notification preferences. Notifications can be received whenever users are signed into the platform, or sent directly to the email account associated with their J.B. Hunt 360 Carrier user profile. Users can elect to receive notifications about changes to specific loads, overall service performance, and payment settlements. Users with administrative access can also request notifications for when their approval is needed to complete an administrative change.

Use the mobile app The J.B. Hunt 360 Carrier mobile app is the ideal way to access J.B. Hunt 360 Carrier from the convenience of your mobile device. Mobile app users can use location services to provide tracking updates and perform check calls from their smartphone or tablet. Download the J.B. Hunt 360 mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.  NOTE: The J.B. Hunt 360 Carrier mobile app is equipped with a safety protocol that disables the app while you are driving. Please adhere to all applicable laws regarding the use of mobile devices while driving.

Make offers on loads J.B. Hunt 360 Carrier users have exclusive features, depending on their access level, that allow them to make load offers, accept or reject tenders, dispatch drivers, and perform check calls from either their desktop computer or mobile device. If you've already created a J.B. Hunt 360 Carrier account, all you need to do is sign in and search for loads.

If You don't Use J.B. Hunt 360 Carrier:

Use J.B. Hunt 360 Carrier Yes, this is our not-so-subtle product plug! But we're committed to streamlining load booking and management using technology. When you log in to your J.B. Hunt 360 Carrier account, not only can you search for loads on the load board, but you can also contact a broker representative to ask questions about a load or to negotiate a rate for a load you are interested in carrying. To get started, create an account.

Bookmark the J.B. Hunt load board Even if you choose not to use J.B. Hunt 360 Carrier, you can still gain value from visiting the J.B. Hunt load board online to search for loads fitting your search criteria. Bookmark the load board in your browser and search each morning for loads that will keep your fleet rolling.