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Load Recommendations Gives Carriers the Loads They Want Most

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As soon a carrier drops freight at the desired destination, we know the next question they will ask: Where’s the next load?

There are hundreds of factors that freight carriers consider when looking at a load board and making the decision on which option to accept. Some carriers look for loads that will take them back towards their original destination. Others want freight that matches their trailer, such as refrigerated or flatbed loads.

Through Carrier 360™ by J.B. Hunt, we suggest loads to carriers to help them search less and drive more. We’ve made significant improvements in our ability to recommend options to carriers – and with their help, we can be even better at digitally matching freight so carriers can make a choice about the next load.

What is a ‘Recommended Load’?

Through the Carrier 360 platform, carriers see “suggested loads” that fit their driving habits, much like shoppers see “you might also like” items on retail websites that are based on their shopping habits. These recommended loads are generated through artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. Since installing these systems, we’ve witnessed dramatic improvements in how likely our suggestions are to result in a completed delivery.

Simply put, we’re placing better matches in front of carriers, and they are responding by accepting the loads that fit their preferences.

How carriers can get the best digital freight matches

Suggesting loads to carriers and tracking the status of loads around the country requires J.B. Hunt to process a tremendous amount of data – that’s why we use artificial intelligence to process it. But one big factor in suggesting the perfect match is something carriers can help us with – providing some basic details that allow us to focus our search.

Within Carrier 360, carriers can enter their preferences. Some of the information that helps us provide more desirable loads can be added directly to Carrier 360, including:

  • Home address
  • Tractor and trailing equipment
  • Preferred lanes

To update your preferences, just go to ‘Edit Your Profile’ in Carrier 360 and enter your details. The more information you provide, the more accurately we can suggest loads that match your capabilities. It’s one more way we’re helping carriers save time while providing visibility into the freight marketplace.

Click here to view Load Preferences.

Using the Suggested Load feature

Because suggested loads automatically populate into the Carrier 360 app, finding a load that fits your preferences is easy. To get the best possible recommendations, fill out your preferences today. You’ll be surprised how well J.B. Hunt can match a load to your specific freight needs!

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