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Boost Your Service with My Performance in Carrier 360 | J.B. Hunt

Whether you’re an owner-operator or you manage a fleet, doing excellent work is always a top priority. To give you a better view of your service on J.B. Hunt loads, we’ve introduced My Performance in Carrier 360®. With this feature, you’ll get a better picture of the work you do by giving account admins visibility into Carrier 360 usage, fall offs and on time service stats for your last 20 loads over the last 12 months (excluding empty moves).

Checking your metrics is easy to do from the web or mobile app. Users with Admin access can navigate to My Performance from the left-hand menu on the web and from their profile on the mobile app.

Performance is measured in three categories:

  • Carrier 360 Usage: Calculates how often your company uses Carrier 360 to assign drivers, update load status and location, and upload BOLs
  • Load Fall Off: Shows the number of load cancellations after a tender has been accepted*
  • On Time Service: Indicates on time pickup and delivery for each stop on your last 20 loads

Click View Loads to see the 20 most recent loads and how they factor into your score. Loads older than 12 months will not be included.