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Want to become a carrier for J.B. Hunt? Explore your options.

If you are an owner-operator, or the owner of a trucking company, you understand the huge responsibility of making sound decisions about the future of your business. If you have employees, the results of your business decisions can affect more lives than just your own. As a diversified transportation services company, J.B. Hunt offers motor carriers several options for doing business with us utilizing your own operating authority. Keep reading to learn more about the options and decide which is best for your business.

Choosing the Right Carrier Option

1. Integrated Capacity Solutions (ICS) = Your truck(s) + your trailer + J.B. Hunt shippers

J.B. Hunt’s ICS brokerage division offers tremendous flexibility. Carriers who do business with J.B. Hunt through ICS can select the available loads from the J.B. Hunt load board they wish to carry and negotiate rates for individual loads. Motor carriers can use the J.B. Hunt 360 desktop and mobile apps to find loads, make offers, and dispatch directly within the platform. A wide variety of carrier services is available to help reduce or offset expenses and provide discounts on maintenance services, business services and technology products. Carriers can choose standard or quick pay terms and can request cash advances. Payments are made by check or direct deposit as selected by the carrier. Click here for more information on becoming an approved carrier.

2. Power Capacity Solutions (PCS or Power-Only) – Short-term = Your truck(s) + J.B. Hunt trailer + J.B. Hunt shippers

The short-term power-only option is appealing for those carriers looking for access to consistent, no-touch freight. Rather than selecting loads from the J.B. Hunt load board, power-only carriers benefit from a dedicated sales team which books freight to be brokered to carriers in this category.  Power-only carriers are paid on a per mile basis and have access to the same menu of carrier services as other approved carriers. Short term power-only carriers are also eligible for direct deposit and cash advances.

3. Power Capacity Solutions (PCS or Power-Only) – Long-term = Your truck(s) + J.B. Hunt trailer + J.B. Hunt shippers

For those interested in a long-term business relationship with J.B. Hunt, the power-only contract option may be worth considering. Like the short-term option, the long-term power-only option offers access to consistent, no-touch freight with loads booked by a dedicated sales team to be brokered to PCS carriers.  The same carrier services offerings available to the other carrier categories is also available to long-term power-only carriers, as well as direct deposits and cash advances. By entering into a longer-term contractual agreement, carriers in this category may also qualify for higher per mile rates. Long-term power-only carriers can also get access to individualized metrics reporting for their fleet, helping to optimize their fleet use and grow their earning potential. Click here for more information on becoming an approved power-only carrier.

Explore the possibilities available when contracting with J.B. Hunt and choose the one that will be the best fit for your business.