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Three Ways to Find Loads Using Carrier 360 by J.B. Hunt

If you like making multiple phone calls to brokers everyday to negotiate prices on the loads you want, don't read the rest of this article. But, if you are one of the many carriers who would believe that a better use of your time is being on the road carrying loads, keep reading. 

Carriers of all sizes play an important role in keeping freight moving for J.B. Hunt customers across the country. That's why we have designed Carrier 360 by J.B. Hunt - to keep you moving with the loads you need, at prices that you can negotiate from any device - either online, or via our mobile app. Many load boards let you search for loads, but when you try to book - you get hit with a subscription fee. Carrier 360 is free to use - there's never any additional fee to sign up or book a load. But with Carrier 360, you can do much more than just search for loads. There are several ways you can get load notifications sent directly to you - no searching needed.

1. Load Recommendations

Carrier 360 can deliver load recommendations to you, via email or in-app notification. These loads recommendations can be based on your previous load history, the address saved in your carrier's profile in Carrier 360, or those loads in your favorited lanes (see below for more info on creating favorite lanes).  The more you use Carrier 360 to book loads, the more accurate these load recommendations will become.

2. Creating Watchlists

If you have created a Carrier 360 account and have found loads that you are interested in, you can add these to a watchlist. Once a load is added to your watchlist, you can receive notifications when the load details change, when new offers on the load are made, and when a new lower offer is made - ensuring you don't miss out on a load you want.

3. Setting Lanes as Favorites

If you have particular lanes that are profitable for your trucks, you can set these lanes as "favorites" within Carrier 360. If you set lanes as favorites, you will receive notifications, either within the app, or via email when new loads in these lanes become available. This can help ensure that you have the latest information on loads in your desired lanes. Imagine never having to search for a load again - your trucks would have their next load lined up before they deliver their current load. That's the goal of Carrier 360 - to give carriers the tools to be more productive.