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Supply Chain Management Powered by Data

composite image of trucks, ships, shipping facilities, and cranes

One of the most critical parts of the product journey is the arrival of inbound shipping containers at the port. What happens next and where do those containers go? Will those products be put on a truck or shipped out by rail? Efficiency can be lost or gained here—and it’s difficult to make good decisions for your supply chain without the right metrics and data.  

J.B. Hunt’s transloading services provide the data and visibility you need to optimize efficiency at this critical juncture—and throughout the rest of your product supply chain. 

Ready for greater visibility into your supply chain?

Metrics that matter to you 

When you use J.B. Hunt’s transloading and drayage services, you get access to customized reporting based on the data you need to make decisions that move your business forward. You can get milestone data at every step of your shipment’s journey—from the vessel to the port to the transloading facility for consolidation where we give visibility to splitting POs to the final domestic destination. Tracking down all this data from multiple sources is tedious and decreases efficiency. J.B. Hunt offers a single source of visibility into these metrics—all through interactive custom reporting. 


End-to-end freight solutions 

Some customers choose to leverage J.B. Hunt’s size, density and expertise to manage their entire supply chain from port of entry all the way through to the final destination. That’s exactly how Pure Fishing decided to approach their supply chain management. They began by using J.B. Hunt’s transloading services on both the East and West coasts to move product from the port to their distribution centers, cutting weeks out of their inbound supply chain. From there, they lean on J.B. Hunt’s highway, intermodal and J.B. Hunt 360box® services to transport product to its final destination.  

Pure Fishing and other companies have found that by leveraging J.B. Hunt for their supply chain management from end to end, they can unlock new levels of data and visibility that provide an added layer of insight into their supply chain. This level of visibility comes from J.B. Hunt controlling more of the process and can lead to more opportunities to boost efficiency and cost savings.  

Transloading adds value to your supply chain 

Set the rest of your supply chain up for success by using J.B. Hunt’s transloading services. Not only will you get the opportunity to gain efficiency, you’ll also get the data and visibility you need to make informed decisions that move the needle throughout the rest of your business.  

Connect with us to further explore our transloading services.