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How to Use 360box, J.B. Hunt’s Power-Only Solution

Power-only loads have gained popularity within the logistics industry, as they provide shippers and carriers alike with flexible options for moving freight.

The ways that power-only can help provide this flexibility are clear. Power-only loads can help a carrier who has a tractor but isn’t ready to make the investment in having their own trailer. It can also ensure that a carrier and shipper have access to high-quality assets. And the drop-and-hook nature of power-only loads helps increase a driver’s time on the road – they can just grab and go!

Our innovative power-only solution is called J.B. Hunt 360box®. We connect shippers nationwide to power-only carriers and allow for the temporary use of a J.B. Hunt-owned trailer to complete the transaction. It’s a solution that’s proving helpful for many of our customers, and we’ve recently added 3,000 new 360box trailers to our fleet to address growing demand.

Using 360box is simple. Whether it’s your first time using 360box or you want a refresher on the process, the steps for completing a successful tour are listed below.

Finding a Power-Only Load

The place to start your search is on Carrier 360® by J.B. Hunt, which connects carriers to loads all across the country. Simply search for a power-only load on the J.B. Hunt load board to see the options available for bidding.

When you find a load that works for you, choose ‘Book Now’ or place an offer on the load. Note: The negotiated rate is for the full 360box tour, which includes the load and the equipment moves on the front and back ends.

Next, you’ll need to confirm you are ready to use a J.B. Hunt trailer to complete the load and use the mobile app to provide updates. Then, sign the Trailer-Interchange Agreement if needed.

The load is yours! Now, it's time to get a trailer.

Picking Up the Drop Trailer

You should be notified of a trailer location within 12 hours of the loaded equipment move. You’ll also receive confirmation when the new equipment segment has been coupled with your load. The tour will be auto-tendered and accessible in Carrier 360.

Next, assign it to a driver. Once assigned, the driver can execute each segment of the tour from the mobile app. This should include tracking the load - make sure the driver tracks their load with Carrier 360.

360box on the Road

As the driver makes progress in the journey, they will be expected to make check calls to provide important updates. These check calls are made in the Carrier 360 app, which helps automate the process for the driver and dispatcher. Calls will be made when the driver:

  • Picks up the original empty trailer
  • Drops the empty trailer at the shipper
  • Hooks the new trailer at the shipper

Finishing the Tour

Within 12 hours of the delivery time, you should receive confirmation of the trailer delivery location. Or, you can keep running in the J.B. Hunt power-only network with the current trailer. Just check out the Carrier 360 load board, filter by ‘Power Only’ and book a load. Please note: You may not use the trailer for another load unless the load in question is within the J.B. Hunt power-only network.

When you are done running the trailer, proceed to the designated spot, and then drop the trailer. Upon returning the equipment, the load is complete and you’ll be paid for the completed tour.

Then, you’ll be ready for your next 360box load.

The 360box program from J.B. Hunt is convenient, works on your schedule and helps keep freight moving. And because it’s from J.B. Hunt, it comes with access to all of the exciting Perks you’ve come to love.

Log in to Carrier 360 to start a new 360box tour today!


Want to learn more? Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions:

1. Are there any special truck requirements for using 360box?

No, provided that you have a standard tractor hitch system. One of the benefits of 360box is the plug-and-play nature of the system – you just pick up the trailer and go.

2. Can I use a 360box trailer on another load? 

Yes! As long as the load is within J.B. Hunt’s power-only network, we want you to keep running. Just check out the Carrier 360 load board, filter by ‘Power Only’ and book a load to save time and keep driving.

3. How do I know if I need an empty trailer? 

Your J.B. Hunt 360box representative will let you know prior to the load pickup time. This typically happens within 12 hours of the expected pickup time.

4. What does J.B. Hunt do if the trailer isn’t there? 

We will assign a new location for a trailer.

5. How can I tell if I can pick up or deliver early? 

You can deliver anytime within the designated window on your rate confirmation. Ask your J.B. Hunt 360box representative if you have any questions. 

6. How can I sort by 360box loads on the J.B. Hunt 360 App? 

Search your origin and destination and then filter by ‘Power Only.’ Don't forget to favorite the lane and equipment type search to easily find similar loads again.

Want to get started? Log in to Carrier 360 today!