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What’s the Real Cost of Palletizing your Bulky Freight?

FMS worker delivering box to business

In the less-than-truckload (LTL) space, there are multiple options for big and bulky freight – palletized and specialized LTL freight. There are key differences between them that might help you decide which one better fits your supply chain.  

What is Palletized LTL?  

Palletized LTL shipments may not fill a full truckload. When shipping bulky freight, pallets may have to be custom-built, which can result in an increased cost. Plus, those pallets can’t be stacked so even more costs may be incurred due to the open space, or ‘air’, in the trailer. Additionally, bulky freight on pallets is typically moved by forklifts, which can lead to higher damage rates that are then charged to you.  

What is Specialized LTL? 

Specialized LTL is the shipping of heavy and bulky products that require extra measures to be safely delivered. Freight typically consists of furniture or appliances, but our expanded capacity is allowing us to branch out into other industries such as e-bikes, medical chairs/beds, building materials, gaming tables and more. There are no fees for over length, and you only pay for the space that your product takes up. We also move freight with specialized handling and loading, meaning our reported damage rates are less than one percent.

Ship more with specialized LTL
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Which LTL shipping service is right for you?

This graphic highlights the main differences:  


Specialized LTL might take a little longer to receive, but when shipping bulky freight that requires specialized handling and loading, it might be a better option for your supply chain. 

More benefits of shipping specialized LTL include: 

  • Warehousing made available for longer timetables 
  • Complete Home Delivery as a shipping option 
  • Scheduled delivery free of charge  

With coverage over 90 percent of the United States, J.B. Hunt’s Final Mile Services® solutions leverage teams that have the experience to transport and deliver your freight – whether it’s through palletized LTL or specialized LTL.  

Find out the best shipping solution for you today.