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5 Ways to Optimize your Home Delivery Program

Customer expectations for home delivery services are changing. Last mile home delivery has traditionally been conducted by either a retailer’s private fleet or a local provider that manages contracted, independent delivery teams. As the industry evolves, many retailers are now working with a national delivery provider to improve customer service, reduce costs, facilitate administrative requirements, and manage risk. Does your home delivery program align with today’s demanding marketplace? Ask yourself these five questions. 

Does your delivery program provide the capacity for timely deliveries?

Customers are more likely to buy now if they can receive delivery within a reasonable time frame, which is an ever-changing definition. The only constant is the sooner the better. Every shipper has a unique supply chain, but order-to-delivery cycle time has a significant impact on customer satisfaction and ability to sell today. Have you implemented a responsive delivery program to support sales goals and satisfy customer demand? 

Are you measuring the voice of the customer?

A good survey measures customer experience, quality, timeliness, and brand value. A well-designed program cultivates an internal company culture and represents an external brand image. Do you use customer feedback as a tool to assign accountability at every level and ensure customer expectations are upheld and exceeded? 

How much visibility do you have into your home delivery process?

The right key performance indicators evaluate customer satisfaction, improve delivery efficiency, and aid decision making. Logistics engineering drives results by optimizing delivery routes, reducing costs, and improving service. Are you working with a provider who gives you full visibility and control of your delivery operations? 

Are your delivery teams happy and engaged?

A robust delivery program instills a spirit of comradery among sales, operations, and delivery teams. When your team is motivated, results are predictable, customers are satisfied, and brand value is elevated. Does your program provide the best experiences for your business, customers, and everyone in-between? 

Are you ready to go the extra mile in home delivery? 

J.B. Hunt Final Mile service, a national home delivery provider, operates the largest commingled cross-dock network with 92 locations. Final Mile specializes in delivery of non-conveyable products with services ranging from drop-off to white glove deliveries. We engineer solutions for store- or distribution center-based operations that focus on premium customer experience, recruiting and retaining the best delivery teams, and helping clients enhance their brand. By creating new levels of value for customers, J.B. Hunt Final Mile is changing the home delivery industry. More information about J.B. Hunt Final Mile service is available on our website. To discuss how J.B. Hunt Final Mile service can meet your business needs, send us an email or call 877-288-8341.