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Final Mile Complete Supply Chain Management

Final Mile Complete® is here to manage your supply chain from beginning to end. We are a complete end-to-end provider – that means our Final Mile Complete services are there to support you through the first, middle and last mile of your bulky item delivery process. With support from a provider who is experienced in handling the transport and delivery of bulky items like furniture and appliances comes perks, such as:

  • Access to transportation resources nationwide
  • Established connections with professionals in the industry
  • Technology adaptable to the complexity of your business

Access to Transportation Resources Nationwide

Final Mile Complete takes a deep dive into your company’s needs to make sure we’re providing you with the best customized solutions to fit your business. No matter where you are operating from within the United States, you will have access to reliable resources such as consolidation and warehousing solutions that will keep your shipments moving when you work with our Final Mile Complete services, but it doesn’t stop there.

Thanks to our vetting process, J.B. Hunt has access across the country to experienced and dedicated carriers ready to go to work for your business. These carriers have a keen understanding of all aspects surrounding the transportation process. They also possess the necessary equipment to execute transportation and deliveries - whether you need products moved from manufacturing facilities to regional warehouses, retail locations or your customer's door.

Established Connections with Professionals in the Industry

Along with our far-reaching access to transportation resources, when you choose J.B. Hunt Final Mile Complete to handle your supply chain management, you will gain the support of our established professionals with proven logistics expertise. You will work with a member of our dedicated Shipper Experience Team who will act as your main line of communication throughout product transportation and delivery. Our Shipper Experience Team is there to support you by proactively monitoring and managing shipments to address potential delays or other issues – keeping you connected with your shipments wherever they are in the transportation process.

That means you will have one point of contact for your shipments rather than having to juggle communication with multiple service providers to get the work done. Ultimately, this makes the transportation process as easy and efficient for you as possible.

Technology Adaptable to the Complexity of Your Business

J.B. Hunt Final Mile Complete offers unique solutions to logistic challenges for your company that might otherwise impact efficiency, customer experience and your bottom line. One main factor that helps these solutions is the technology we utilize for supply chain management and its adaptability to our customers' businesses. Regardless of what mode you choose with Final Mile Complete, all the required information for transportation flows within the same technology. We’re able to adapt our technology and communication so that it can be integrated with your current business model. So, no matter how you use our services, you get visibility throughout the supply chain.

With cutting-edge technology adaptable to your business coupled with our access to experienced carriers and well-versed logistics professionals, we can handle the complexity that comes with the delivery process, whether transporting to one of your locations or your customers.

J.B. Hunt Final Mile Complete is Ready to Get Things Moving

Our Final Mile Complete services consider each customer's unique needs to offer a personalized logistical plan customized to their business. Contact us today to start experiencing the perks of working with a Final Mile Complete logistics service that has the resources, connections and technology necessary to manage your supply chain program successfully! | (877) 288-8341