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DCS Driver Screening Process for Customer Satisfaction

What kind of feeling does delivery day inspire in your customers? We hope it inspires excitement and anticipation about getting that purchase they’ve been waiting for. But for some, could delivery day mean anxiety and worry about who will be making the delivery and entering their home?

You see, customers trust the companies they patronize to send safe, reputable delivery teams into their most personal, intimate spaces—their homes. Is their trust well placed? Do you really know who is delivering your product to your customers? Are your last mile delivery teams representing your brand the way you hope they are? Are they making your customers feel safe? Or do customers feel like they need to be on guard and watch their back when delivery day comes?

Strict driver hiring and screening process means greater customer safety

J.B. Hunt Final Mile Services® thoroughly screens third-party delivery teams so we won’t be sending strangers into your customers’ homes. Why do we believe that the person knocking on the door will represent your brand well? Our team has developed a delivery program that uses one of the strictest screening programs in the country. In fact, around 75% of those who apply don’t meet our high standards. Let’s take a closer look at how delivery teams earn their spot in your home delivery program.

We work with our customers to determine the right delivery model for their specific circumstances. We use both dedicated contract carriers and J.B. Hunt delivery team models, and both have carefully planned and executed selection processes. For the contract carrier model, the first step is getting to know the last mile carrier and their delivery teams. Once the carrier’s application is received, our recruiting team gets to work building a relationship with them. We learn about their history, their capabilities and their goals. We also include our account teams to interact with and confirm the delivery teams are a fit with not only our company culture, but also our customers’ cultures. Years of experience, impeccable driving records and clean background checks don’t matter much if they can’t represent your brand well.

If this sounds like a pretty standard selection process up to this point, it’s because it is. The sad truth is that not every provider has the means, the process or the compliance capabilities to screen this strictly before sending teams into your customers’ homes. But this is not where our process ends—we go beyond the generally accepted minimum screening requirements. For example, our background check providers use social security numbers as the reference point, rather than a tax ID number. The social security number check returns data on previous addresses, not just the current one provided with a tax ID. This makes it difficult for repeat offenders to keep their past hidden. We do not stop with just a single check. We have implemented a continuous monitoring system that reports on these screening items each month so that we can be confident that we are sending the highest quality teams on the roads and to the door. Only after these requirements are met will the drivers earn the badge that lets you know they’ve been fully vetted.

Why is driver pre-employment screening so important?

The goal of our screening process is to create a safe and efficient delivery program our customers can trust. Our company was founded on good relationships, and we want to honor that legacy by building good relationships with third-party carriers who can meet high standards. The result is a group of delivery teams that have grown their business by working with us. We have a similar process for selecting J.B. Hunt company drivers, but it is even more strict and includes more options for client-specific training and process input.

We are proud of the teams that knock on your customers’ doors, and we trust them. That trust is earned through an all-encompassing vetting process, and it’s kept through performance and monitoring. It’s crucial for you to understand your home delivery provider’s screening process so that you can have confidence in the teams entering your customers’ homes. We haven’t revealed our entire process here, but we’d be glad to walk you through all the steps, as well as help you build a home delivery program that you can trust to leave your customers with a great experience.