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J.B. Hunt and University of Arkansas Advance Initiatives with New Funds

Over the past decade, J.B. Hunt has worked closely with the Sam M. Walton College of Business to shape the future of supply chain and its potential leaders. Today we announced the latest update in our collaboration - an endowed scholarship funded by an initial investment of $1M and an additional $250K gift creating a fund to accelerate the sustainability and inclusion initiatives generated from our previous announcement in December 2020.

"Since launching our collaboration in December, we have identified several opportunities to improve inclusion and sustainability that we are excited to ignite," said Shelley Simpson, chief commercial officer and executive vice president of people and human resources. "These funds will help jumpstart immediate needs while creating a long-term initiative to ensure that pursuing a career in supply chain is available to everyone."

Lasting Impact

The J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. Inclusion in Supply Chain Endowed Scholarship Fund will establish an ongoing scholarship program to encourage students to pursue supply chain careers and contribute to the college’s diverse educational environment.

The endowed fund will be a product of an initial investment of $1 million. In case you’re not familiar, an endowed fund invests the initial gift and uses interest drawn to award scholarships, creating a program with long-term potential.  Recipients must be enrolled in Walton College, working towards an undergraduate degree in supply chain, and demonstrate their potential to advance inclusivity. Each application will be considered on an individual basis, and recipients will be determined by the department head of the Walton College Department of Supply Chain Management.

Igniting Inclusion and Sustainability

Earlier this year, J.B. Hunt and Walton College launched a $2.25M collaboration to increase awareness of inclusion and diversity in transportation and logistics and explore new, sustainable solutions to address current and potential industry challenges. The effort has already generated several new initiatives, and J.B. Hunt will be contributing an additional $250K gift that creates a fund to accelerate their execution.

Our collaboration with Walton College has resulted in innovative approaches that challenge industry norms, and through programs like the J.B. Hunt Innovation Center of Excellence and J.B. Hunt on The Hill, we’re helping students create tomorrow’s supply chain solutions. We will continue to provide updates on the success of this relationship, so stay tuned for more.