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Ship Smarter with Shipper 360® Data Insights

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At J.B. Hunt, we are reimagining the supply chain from beginning to end as we work to create the most efficient transportation network in North America. One of the ways we’re doing this is by empowering shippers with the data they need to take control of their shipping strategy and supply chain budget.

Our Shipper 360® technology collects and analyzes the data on your shipments for you, helping you conduct a thorough supply chain cost analysis. Then you can make informed decisions that take your shipping strategy to the next level.

Start using data insights to ship smarter.

Here’s a look at how you can leverage your transportation data to further your business—and how Shipper 360 can help you do it.  

Metrics That Move the Needle 

First of all, you can break shipping data down into two overarching categories: freight characteristics and market conditions. Freight characteristics are typically within your control to an extent, while market conditions are usually events or trends that you react to or adapt with. While it’s important to keep up with market trends, your freight characteristics are specific to you. If you don’t track and collect that data, who will?  

Common freight characteristics could include: 

  • Detention times—how long it takes to load or unload trailers 
  • Appointment times or pickup windows 
  • Multi-stop loads vs. drop and hook or single-stop loads 
  • Lead time for pick-up appointments 
  • Shipment pricing 
  • Load details such as commodity, weight and special handling requirements 

It’s important to understand how your specific freight characteristics impact your entire transportation ecosystem. Tracking metrics like these can help you identify specific areas for growth and target those areas for improvement. 

But collecting and analyzing a mountain of raw data points is not easy. That’s where Shipper 360 technology comes in.  

The Shipper 360 Solution 

Because we’re committed to creating and investing in technology that empowers, Shipper 360 gives you access to more data on your freight than ever before. But raw data is only so helpful, so we create further value for Shipper 360 users by connecting data points using data visualization. This helps you interpret your transportation data in such a way that you can draw meaningful conclusions that help inform your path forward.  

The Shipper 360 dashboard does this by using graphs, charts and maps to help you quickly grasp the story behind your data.  

Cost and Volume Metrics 

View a month-over-month comparison of both cost and volume of shipments, broken down by shipping mode and day of the month.  

Service Metrics 

Get pickup and delivery percentages month over month, as well as insights into failures.  

Capacity Volatility Map

See where carrier capacity is loosening and tightening. 

Accessorial Costs 

Compare your common accessorial costs like detention or layovers from month to month.  

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Supply Chain Optimization with Data Insights  

With these data insights available through the Shipper 360 dashboard, you can quickly identify the inefficiencies in your business that are driving up costs and develop an action plan to address them. They offer added levels of transparency and visibility into the shipping process, allowing you to pinpoint new areas to optimize your supply chain, drive down costs and improve service for your customers. 

When you put processes and rhythms in place to analyze this data over time, you will be better able to understand trends and prepare for the next expected market shift.  

Ready to get real insights from your transportation data? Get started by signing up for Shipper 360 today.