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Innovating for Our Customers

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As the market changes, so do shippers’ needs. Logistics and transportation companies must be willing and able to address those shifting needs in order to stay market relevant.  

Staying nimble and solving for our customers is something J.B. Hunt has been practicing since day one. For more than 60 years, J.B. Hunt has kept an open dialogue with customers to determine what they need, then innovate and invest in the right solutions to fit those needs.  

Keep reading to discover how J.B. Hunt’s investments in its people, technology and capacity have allowed us to shift gears when the market changes and create long-term value for our customers – then and now.   

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A Long History of Creating Value 

J.B. Hunt has made itself an industry leader through innovation. We are not afraid to disrupt ourselves, like we did when we pioneered intermodal transportation in the 1980s. However, it is always part of a larger effort to solve for our customers.  

The tech investments in the industry started in early 2010s. We recognized this as an opportunity for us to better serve our customers and carriers by developing our own supply chain management technology. After talking to both carriers and customers about their needs, we got to work. That year, the industry-leading J.B. Hunt 360°® platform got its beginnings with the launch of Carrier 360® technology.  

We continued to invest in and improve our technology for our customers, expanding the J.B. Hunt 360° platform by adding Shipper 360® technology. However, we made sure to keep a long-term view and stay attuned to our customer needs. We listened to our customers and evolved our technology to continue to add value to their business.  

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Technology Empowers our People 

The market has evolved since the early days of the J.B. Hunt 360° platform and so have customer needs. Our secret weapon in staying nimble to meet these changing needs is our people.  

Though J.B. Hunt technology is a powerful tool, it is just that – a tool. It does not replace the expertise or the best-in-class customer service our people provide for our customers. Our people are the ones who listen to our customers’ pain points and develop new services to address them. For example, our J.B. Hunt 360box® drop-and-hook solution was borne out of customers wanting more flexibility. Now customers have access to more flexible capacity than ever before, allowing them to more easily adjust their shipping strategy to weather sudden market shifts. Our people also work with others in the industry to tackle challenges facing the greater supply chain, such as sustainability and fragmentation.  

Our technology empowers our people to spend more time on value-added activities and make more informed decisions. Through our proprietary Customer Value Delivery® (CVD) methodology, our people get to know our customers and their business to anticipate customer needs. Then our people use our technology and vast array of multimodal service offerings to find efficiencies and design a custom supply chain solution for that customer. When we leverage the power of the J.B. Hunt 360° platform with our people and suite of services, we create long-term value for our customers. 

Our Mission 

At J.B. Hunt, our mission is straightforward: driving long-term value for our people, customers and shareholders. Because of our continuous investments in our people, technology and capacity we are able to innovate supply chain solutions that create long-term value for our customers, even in changing market conditions.  

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