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Three Reasons to Consider Dedicated Transportation to Haul Your Logs

picture of a logging truck being loaded up with logs

Meeting quotas can be difficult when you’re relying on contract carriers to haul your logs. What if they don’t show up, or don’t deliver on what they promised? Many companies avoid this issue by investing in their own trucks and drivers. But that leads to its own set of unintended consequences: staffing and managing a fleet of drivers is time consuming, and the risk of having your own trucks has never been greater. Here are three reasons outsourcing your transportation needs to J.B. Hunt Ag Services can give you the best of both worlds.

You have the capacity you need without managing your own private fleet.

J.B. Hunt stands as the largest dedicated provider in North America with a diverse portfolio of specialized business, including logging. We offer a contract solution to your transportation needs, guaranteeing a pre-determined amount of volume and number of drivers so the capacity you need is always there. Not only are you freed from relying on multiple carriers, you don’t have to worry about the headache of managing your own fleet either. Imagine if all the capital tied up in your private fleet was free to invest back into your core business. 

You get a fleet optimized to the needs of your operation.

There are many moving pieces to running a lean, efficient fleet. Change in just one of those can create a domino effect that wreaks havoc on your business, and sometimes even your budget. J.B. Hunt’s best-in-class engineers put their heads together to create a logistical plan for your fleet, factoring in logging sites, mill locations, routes, schedules, quotas, and drivers. We know transportation, and we are committed to helping all our customers operate at optimum efficiency.

You can consistently meet quotas, or even surpass them. 

Even when your job is done right, you can still fail to meet quotas when your transportation falls through. Sometimes carriers don’t show up when they say they will, or at all. Even with a private fleet, you can run into down trucks, sick drivers, or any number of problems that slow you down and cause a logistical nightmare. When you have guaranteed capacity from a dedicated provider like J.B. Hunt, the transportation variable no longer determines your ability to meet quotas. The trucks, drivers, and capacity you need are right at your fingertips. Because you’re not worrying about the transportation piece, you’re free to pour more resources into other parts of your company, even increasing quotas if you choose. 

Don’t let transportation hold you back. Contact us to learn more about our dedicated fleet options that guarantee the capacity you need. 

Jeremy Morris
General Manager, Timber 
479-282-8762 (Cell)