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Predicting the Road Ahead with Visibility

Visibility in the supply chain is evolving, increasing the need for delivery transparency and speed. In 2017, visibility ranked as the third-most strategic priority among companies with supply chain operations, compared to sixth in 2015, per a recent GEODIS survey. Yet, only 6% of those companies have reached their visibility target. Having an end-to-end view of everything moving in your supply chain is essential. Companies gain valuable insight through cost analysis, mode optimization, weather and traffic metrics, historical data, and up-to-the-minute delivery estimates that can influence future business decisions.

As technology advances, businesses will seek more methods of applying visibility throughout their operations. But, seeing is only part of the equation. Machine learning leverages those insights to identify patterns from past and current data. By utilizing this advanced component of visibility, potential events or disruptions can be anticipated, resulting in real-time alerts and predictive delivery estimates. Soon, J.B. Hunt 360 users will be able to have visibility across all carriers in their supply chain and gain exception management capabilities. This new feature will support enhanced visibility and function like a control tower for your freight movement. The ability to predict “what if” will allow companies to proactively adjust plans and keep their business moving. Supply chain visibility can boost your competitive advantage and direction. 

To find out how to incorporate visibility technology into your transportation practices, contact a J.B. Hunt representative today.